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Anti-gay activist attacks Mid-Atlantic Leather and Metro Weekly, gets dragged by Twitter

LaBarbera called MAL a "homosexual perversion-fest," but Twitter was having none of it

Peter LaBarbera

Peter LaBarbera had it all planned out: He’d post a witty tweet making fun of Mid-Atlantic Leather by sharing Metro Weekly’s MAL Event Guide, and watch the likes roll in. Instead, he’s found himself getting slammed on Twitter.

LaBarbera, who founded anti-gay organization Americans for Truth about Homosexuality and has a history of offensive statements, called MAL a “homosexual perversion-fest,” on Twitter, adding, “Washington. ‘Gay’ mag. @metroweekly promotes it.”

The author of gay blog Joe My God replied to LaBarbera, tweeting: “From the ‘straight’ guy who has attended MAL more times than 99.9% of all gay men.”

LaBarbera, who some LGBTQ activists derisively refer to as “Porno Pete,” is known to have frequented LGBTQ events and taken salacious pictures of scantily-clad LGBTQ people while reporting on the “homosexual activist agenda.”

JoeMyGod wasn’t the only one to slam LaBarbera. He’s currently being read to filth on Twitter, with a number of users pointing out his obsession with homosexuality, asking if he was disappointed he couldn’t get tickets, and otherwise calling him out for trying to make an issue of people freely expressing themselves.

Here are a few choice responses:

A few tweeted in support of LaBarbera, with one user writing, “He’s just exposing what its all about. Ignoring it and sugar-coating will help no one.”

LaBarbera tried tweeting a couple of follow-ups, with tags including “Progressive Perversion” and “LGBTQ Chaos.”

However, when directly challenged by one Twitter user as to why he was “advertising” the event, LaBarbera responded by diverting to taxation and abortion.

However, we’re going to leave it to Twitter user Snowflake Q. Libtard to have the last word:

If you’d like to know more about Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, check out our feature interview with Centaur Patrick Grady, and if you’re heading to the Hyatt Regency this weekend we have a full guide to every party and event that’s going on!

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