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Vistaprint: Anti-gay pamphlets sent to gay couple’s wedding due to “human error”

Printing company takes full responsibility for sending couple homophobic pamphlets instead of wedding brochures

Andrew Borg and Stephen Heasley — Photo: Courtesy of couple via Yahoo Lifestyle

“This incident was due to human error, and was without malicious intent or even knowledge that it had occurred.”

Trynka Shineman, CEO of Vistaprint, speaking in a released statement regarding their investigation of a gay couple who received anti-gay pamphlets instead of their wedding brochures.

Shineman said the wedding brochures and pamphlets were “placed in separate boxes, sealed, and then after sealing were unfortunately mislabeled.” She added that Vistaprint takes full responsibility for the error.

“[We] feel strongly that we should be the ones to take accountability for the mistake, and for creating a better experience for our customers,” she said, adding, “Vistaprint will make three donations in partnership with Andrew and Stephen to organizations that support LGBTQ causes.”

Stephen Heasley and Andrew Borg, the couple that received the pamphlets, issued a statement along with Vistaprint’s, saying they accepted their apology.

“This has been an incredibly difficult experience for both of us. After we filed our case, Vistaprint engaged us in a dialogue and invited us to their offices to apologize and share the results of their investigation,” the couple said.

“We have always wanted to use this as an opportunity to create greater understanding and acceptance of the LGBTQ community…[We] will work with them to select U.S. and Australian-based organizations that they will be making donations to in order to further achieve this mission.”

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