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WWE’s Finn Bálor celebrated LGBTQ people at Wrestlemania 34

Sonya Deville, WWE's first openly lesbian wrestler, also competed in the first women's Royal Rumble

Finn Bálor — Photo: WWE / Screenshot

Wrestlemania 34 offered two huge moments for LGBTQ wrestling fans during Sunday’s entertainment extravaganza in New Orleans.

It started with WWE’s first openly lesbian wrestler Sonya Deville competing in the franchise’s first ever women’s Royal Rumble match — wearing a rainbow outfit, no less.

Deville, who came out in 2015, didn’t win the Rumble, but her outfit was definitely award-worthy:

Later that night, Irish wrestler (and renown supporter of the LGBTQ community) Finn Bálor made his Wrestlemania debut by bringing a crowd of LGBTQ people on stage to share his entrance.

Bálor’s costume featured giant rainbow accents, while the New Orleans locals behind him wore his new, rainbow-inspired t-shirt.

Designed to promote inclusivity, 20% of the proceeds from the t-shirt go to LGBTQ organization GLAAD.

Fans were ecstatic to see Bálor highlighting his support for LGBTQ people in the middle of Wrestlemania’s main show.

Bálor’s Wrestlemania debut saw him go head-to-head in a Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Title with Seth Rollins and The Miz, but it was Rollins who eventually won the belt.

Watch Bálor’s entrance below:

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