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California gay couple in critical condition after being stabbed by adopted son

Matthew Boulet apparently admitted to police that he had stabbed his fathers

Tom Boulet and Ken Coll – Photo: KCAL

Two California fathers are in critical condition after they were stabbed by their adopted son.

Tom Boulet and Ken Coll were attacked in their Sherman Oaks home at 1 a.m. Tuesday after a reported argument with their son, Matthew Boulet, who had returned home from college.

Law enforcement officials found the couple with multiple stab wounds. They were rushed to a local hospital and are in critical condition, though KCAL reports they are expected to survive.

Boulet was found inside the house, and officers reported he admitted to the stabbing of his fathers.

“He was very nonchalant when he said he had stabbed his two fathers and that he suffered a wound while doing so,” Los Angeles police Lt. Mike Kozak said. “He was very calm about it.”

Boulet is reported to have suffered an injury to his hand during the altercation. A pocket knife has been recovered as a potential weapon.

Neighbor Andre Saab said that the idea of a son stabbing his fathers was “shocking” to him.

“You never think about it,” neighbor Andre Saab said. “As a dad, my own son to stab me? Wow.”

Police said they are investigating whether mental illness might have contributed to Boulet stabbing his fathers.

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