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WATCH: Video reportedly shows Aaron Schock with his hand down man’s pants at Coachella

Queerty releases video allegedly showing Aaron Schock stroking and making out with a man

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Aaron Schock, reportedly spotted at Coachella (Schock is allegedly on the left in the second image)

Video has been released allegedly showing former GOP Rep. Aaron Schock with his hand down a man’s pants at Coachella last weekend.

Reports emerged after the annual music festival that Schock, who repeatedly voted against LGBTQ rights while in Congress, was photographed shirtless amidst a group of gay men at Coachella.

Another photo purported to show Schock making out with another shirtless man, with Schock’s hand down the front of the man’s pants.

Here it is, to refresh your memory:

Schock is apparently on the left in this image.

That photo was reportedly taken from video of the incident — and Queerty, one of the first sites to report the news, has now released the video for all to see.

Per Queerty:

“This is not meant to sex shame. This is not meant to embarrass.

What we hope this does is to encourage Schock, who made his career in politics about actively fighting against LGBTQ causes, to deal with the harm he did before he enjoys the freedoms he has so clearly embraced for himself.

We’re still waiting.”

While we don’t recommend watching the video at work, we do recommend turning your brightness all the way up to see exactly what’s going on.

It’s… well, let’s just say they don’t care about the crowd around them.

Head here to watch the full, nine-second video.

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