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WATCH: Gay adult video stars make out while anti-gay protesters watch

A crowd cheered Dante Colle and Michael DelRay on as they stripped and kissed in front of the bigots

Photo: Dante Colle / Twitter

Two gay adult video performers decided to protest anti-gay bigots in California in the steamiest way possible.

Michael DelRay and Dante Colle were at Santa Monica Pier while protesters shouted religious-fueled hate at the crowds.

Holding a sign reading “Where will you spend eternity? The fool has said, ‘There is no God.’ Repent or Perish,” one of the protesters yelled into a megaphone about ‘escaping damnation’ and accusing those at the pier of a “rebellion against God.”

According to a tweet from Colle, he and DelRay approached the preachers to ask “how to be forgiven for our sins.”

“There’s no helping you guys,” was apparently the response.

“Well. Might as well enjoy it then,” Colle wrote.

In the video, Colle and DelRay start making out in front of the homophobes, gradually building in intensity, with Colle removing DelRay’s shirt and DelRay then returning the favor.

Colle then picks DelRay up, mock humps him, and sinks to the ground with DelRay straddling him as they continue to kiss.

And all the while, onlookers cheer in support.

Needless to say, that’s one way to oppose hate. Watch the video below:

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