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Magnum is “sorry” for comparing eating ice cream to gay people being jailed

Company was widely criticized for its "guilty pleasure" ad

Photo: Magnum / YouTube

Ice cream brand Magnum has apologized for an advert that seemed to compare gay people being jailed for the sexuality to the “guilty pleasure” of eating an ice cream.

The commercial, which ran on Spotify in the U.K., featured a man saying he couldn’t hug his boyfriend in public for fear of being imprisoned for ten or more years.

RelatedMagnum compared gay people being jailed to eating ice cream. It didn’t go well.

“A hug for my boyfriend. That’s my guilty pleasure,” the man in the advert says. “Because in my country, just a simple hug with the man I love could send me to prison for more than 10 years.”

Somehow, gay people being thrown in jail for expressing love or affection was comparable to the “guilty pleasure” of eating ice cream.

Social media users reported that the ad finished by saying, “Pleasure should never be guilty. Like Magnum ice cream.”

Not surprisingly, the advert didn’t go over well, and it was branded “homophobic,” “disgusting,” and “racist” on Twitter.

Magnum initially offered a vague response, saying the company “wanted to remind people that what is considered a guilty pleasure isn’t always what you would expect.”

Now, presumably after a stern talking to from someone concerned about damage control, they have offered a slightly less oblique response.

Speaking to Huffington Post, a spokesperson said, “Magnum has a history of championing LGBTQ+ rights and Pride Month is a moment when lots of us celebrate progress. We’re sorry for any offense caused by the advert, which aimed to bring awareness to the injustices people still face around the world.”

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