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Former NFL player Larry Johnson claims there’s an “effeminate agenda” being promoted in the NFL and NBA

Johnson claims the NFL is trying to trick people into condoning non-masculine behavior

Larry Johnson – Photo: gamerscoreblog, via Wikimedia.

Former NFL running back Larry Johnson claims there is an “effeminate agenda” being carried out in the National Football League and National Basketball Association in an attempt to trick average sports fans into letting down their guard and condoning behavior that strays from traditionally masculine behavior and gender roles.

Hours after NFL free-agent defensive end Ryan Russell came out as bisexual in an essay for ESPN, Johnson — who played for the Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, Washington Redskins, and Miami Dolphins — took to Twitter to declare that high-ranking Masons/handlers were trying to “indoctrinate” the heterosexual sports world into accepting effeminate behavior from sports stars.

He alleges this is to appeal to the LGBTQ community in hopes of harnessing their “buying power.”

Johnson then briefly turned to criticizing the NBA to illustrate his point, writing: “The Vogue Fashion show you now get, from the team bus/car to the locker room. Most of the outfits you think for 16-year old boys, not 6’6 30+ men.”

He also criticized the NBA for the “softening of play,” and that “everyone’s a 3-pt. shooter,” referring to a trend in recent years where more players regularly attempt longer-distance 3-point shots rather than traditional 2-point baskets, which often require them to get physical with other players as they fight to get off shots.

He also pointed to “Noticeable weight loss to fit the feminine archetype.”

Regarding his criticism of the NFL, Johnson again cited the “fashion show” aspect, particularly for skill players like quarterbacks, wide receivers, and defensive backs, as well a “feminine behavior over lil things like Helmets,” a reference to Oakland Raiders receiver Antonio Brown’s protest that he should be allowed to keep his old helmet (which the NFL has said doesn’t meet its standards, in an attempt to reduce injuries and concussions).

He also claimed that drafting openly gay player Michael Sam was “the gauge to see where society was at” in accepting LGBTQ players, and criticized a commercial featuring former Tennessee Titans players Brian Orakpo and Michael Griffin, who tout their real-life cupcake business in an ad for the Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

“Lastly,” adds Johnson, “October is LGBTQ History month, the NFL players wear pink that month. They want you to think Breast Cancer, but they show you they don’t care much about women, look at the treatment of domestic violence issues.”

According to The Washington Post, Johnson has had his own issues with domestic violence, being arrested in 2003 for aggravated assault and domestic battery involving a woman, and arrested two years later for shoving a different woman.

In 2012, TMZ reported that Johnson was charged with felony domestic violence after allegedly strangling an ex-girlfriend in Las Vegas.

The woman claimed that Johnson had choked her until she lost consciousness, leaving her in her underwear in the hallway of the Bellagio hotel.

Johnson later pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges and was sentenced to one year of probation, ordered to pay a $345 fine, perform 48 hours of community service, and attend six months of counseling, according to an archived article from Yahoo! News.

Unsurprisingly, some on social media pushed back against Johnson’s claims and accused him of homophobia.

In response to those tweets, Johnson said: “Nothing [I] said, said I hate gays. My understanding goes far beyond flesh, but an agenda that’s really to go after the homophobic sports fan who had an uproar when two men kissed…. I’m noticing a playbook used on the masses.”

He later tweeted: “I love to see the LGBTQ community band together and come to common cause when it comes to me…now do that with the defects of your own community, pedopheliac (sic) priests and politicians. Show them that same energy.”

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