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“Justice League” gay porn parody replaces black character with white Trump voter swapped Cyborg for Green Lantern, casting Colby Keller in the role

Shocking absolutely no one, there’s now a gay adult film parody of Justice League.

The obviously titled Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody follows in the footsteps of other blockbuster films getting the naked men treatment, including Twilight, Captain America, and Spider Man (link very NSFW).’s film stars Brandon Cody as Superman, Ryan Bones as Batman, François Sagat as Aquaman, and Johnny Rapid as The Flash, while RuPaul’s Drag Race star Manila Luzon will cameo (in a non-erotic role) as Wonder Woman.

It all looks like typically over-the-top, poorly acted fun — but with one glaringly obvious problem: have made the inexplicable decision to remove Cyborg, an African-American character, and instead replace him with Green Lantern (who isn’t in Justice League), played by white actor Colby Keller.

It’s a bizarrely short-sighted and potentially offensive switch, one exacerbated by Keller’s political views.

Last year, Keller declared he would be voting for anti-LGBTQ Donald Trump, saying he would be a “destabilizing force” and because he was “disappointed in the trajectory of the gay liberation movement.”

François Sagat as Aquaman, Manila Luzon as Wonder Woman, and Colby Keller as Green Lantern are already being dragged through the mud for their casting choices in the comments section of the film’s YouTube trailer.

“I get that are allergic to dark people. But wow! could they at least by more discreet with their hatred of black characters?” one user wrote. “They would would rather die than cast Cyborg which is black. The US racial divide is fucking crazy and all time high right now.”

“Of course they replaced the only black superhero with a white one who wasn’t even in the movie,” said another user. currently has no African-American men in its roster of exclusive models (NSFW), and no African-American actors appear in the first 100 “Most Liked” models on the site, as of press time.

However, the site does feature scenes with African-American actors, making the omission in Justice League all the more puzzling.

If you’re still interested — or just want to see Luzon deliver an iconic “Did Aquaman make you… wet?” pun — the safe for work trailer is below:

This article was updated with further information on’s model roster.

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