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  • 5 Oscar-Baiting True-Life Films to Watch this Awards Season

    Heading into awards season, these five films could vie for a piece of Oscar gold.

  • Ripped Apart

    Blue Valentine is the love story antidote for all the romantic comedies that flood movie theaters every year. It's a look at what comes after...

  • Destiny's Adults

    It sounds like a joke, right? And not an especially good one. But Beyonce isn't kidding. She really has adopted a laughably bad alter ego...

  • Soundwaves

    ABBA MAMMA MIA, HERE THEY GO AGAIN... Forget The Dark Knight. Oh sure, it's raking it in at the box office, on track to break...

  • Soundwaves

    DONNA SUMMER'S NEW HOT STUFF... A gay household name for more than 30 years, Donna Summer has had a couple club hits during the past...

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