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UltimateOut – Gay, Lesbian and Gay-friendly Ultimate Frisbee Coed Team

A Community Profile

Members of Ultimateout

ORGANIZATIONAL MISSION: UltimateOut strives to build a sense of community for athletic gays, lesbians and gay-friendly people to play a fun, energetic and social sport.



GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S MOST COMMON ACTIVITIES: The team plays ultimate Frisbee on Saturdays most of the year, and socializes at dinners and bar outings.

HOW TO JOIN: $20 fee to join, all skill levels welcome. Visit the team online at

BACKGROUND: ”I’m sort of Capt. Coordinator,” says Jay Vilar, the seemingly hesitant leader of UlitmateOut. ”This is the first time I’ve played ultimate Frisbee. I got an e-mail from a friend last spring saying there was gay ultimate Frisbee, and I fell in love with the sport.” Today, Vilar says he’s gotten pretty good at it, and adds that he’s hoping others who may have some ultimate Frisbee talent will consider joining the team so that they may begin competing widely.


NEXT EVENT: Ultimate Frisbee game, Saturday, Sept. 17. Place and time TBD.

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