Christian Lezzil: Winner

2013 Coverboy of the Year

Coverboy: Christian

Coverboy: Christian

(Photo by Julian Vankim)

Lezzil’s parents long ago made peace with the fact that both their children, including a daughter who’s a photographer, are ”really sentimental children who enjoy finding beauty in life.” He reasons his parents tell themselves, ”Well, he’s not a physicist. And he wants to be a poet. And well, he’s stripping now. He’s just a weirdo. We’ll just let him be a weirdo.”

Yes, his parents know about his stripping. ”I wear everything on my sleeve,” he says. He’s also embraced the ”weirdo” term. He’s currently in the editing phase of a book recounting his days as a stripper with the working title, I’m A Weird Guy Now: Christian Lezzil’s Guide to Stripping. Lezzil considers writing his true calling. ”I’ve always wanted to be a writer,” he says. ”I’ve always written in my journal to publish it.” It’s no wonder, then, that he’s working toward his master’s degree in literature at George Mason University.

Doug Rule is a theater critic and contributing editor for Metro Weekly.

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