Thomas Drury's Adams Morgan Oasis

By Sean Bugg
Photography by Todd Franson
Published on May 12, 2005, 12:00am | Comments

A LOT OF ROOM, with a view! If you can tear yourself away from gazing at the expansive skyline from atop this Adams Morgan 2 BR, 2 BA condo, you'll find plenty of room to hang with friends. No matter how formal it looks, you can always stay relaxed!

When real estate agent Thomas Drury left Dupont for Adams Morgan a few years back, the neighborhood was still on the verge of the real estate boom. But even as the boom keeps booming, his high-flying condo is still an oasis for himself and his friends.

THOMAS: [On the roof deck] I bought this house eight years ago -- Adams Morgan was still transitioning then. My friends were all like, "Oh my God, you're leaving Dupont." And it was like a heartache just moving six blocks up. But this view -- that's what made me really want to come to Adams Morgan. You've got the Capitol, RFK Stadium -- you can actually see all the way out to Fed Ex Field. It's pretty cool when you can see the [helicopters] when the president gets dropped off at the White House. And obviously there are the fireworks [on July Fourth]. There's always a good breeze up here. I entertain a lot and I do a lot of client stuff here. As soon as it gets warm enough, there is where I am. This is my favorite part of the house.

[In the media room] This is the other place I hang out. To get the ceilings this high -- I think these are 14 or 15 feet -- we took the existing attic out. It makes a huge difference. My neighbors [with the same house plan] all have the ceiling in and it's quite different. This was one house originally and it was broken into three condos

The shelves and cabinets are all custom. It's nice because when I want to put work away, it's gone. It's easy to just change this over to a social space. Every once in a while for fun I'll hang with friends in the living room [downstairs], but it's just kind of cool to hang up here.

You know what's so great about this house? Being on the upper part of this block, unless you walk down to 18th Street you have no idea that that's going on down there, with the exception of the cars up and down the street. It's very quiet.

[In the living room] What I like about this place is that it's separate enough with the guest suite and the upstairs entertaining, but if I want to keep things on the first floor it breaks out really nice for that as well. I do a lot of my client parties here. I found the top part of the fireplace mantle in the attic when we were clearing it out. That's the original mirror, too. I was really surprised that that was there. It's in pretty good shape for sitting up in the attic for however long.

I never need to use coasters when I'm in here because I don't like that formality. It looks formal but I'm not one of those people who run behind you with a coaster because I hate that. This is like more of a hang room, where you can put your drinks down, kick back. The furniture is arranged to do that.

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