by Chord Bezerra
Published on January 15, 2004, 12:00am | Comments

Photography by Todd Franson

Get this one hot off the grill in Adams Morgan! 1 BR 1 BA condo is central to everything, open to entertaining, welcoming for big holiday family gatherings, and home to a cat living its tenth life.

A longtime Baltimore native, realtor and consultant David Shott became a Washingtonian when his company relocated him. Making the move to Adams Morgan was easy. The hard part was convincing his family he had found a new home. But they came around in time for the holidays.

DAVID: I moved in here a year and three months ago. One of the reasons I chose this building was the neighborhood. I park my car on Friday and it sits there till Monday morning. I walk everywhere. I go to the local gym, work out and walk home.

[In the kitchen] I do a lot of cooking and I love to entertain. I have a lot of friends stop over periodically and I'll invite them in for a drink or two. I don't have a problem with that. I got into cooking back in Baltimore, where my ex and I owned a restaurant. We were involved with that for seven years, so I popped in the kitchen every so often to help them out and that's where it started. Cooking is kind of a hobby for me. My friends come over and we try cooking different things. I had a fire in the kitchen here once -- we were cooking lamb in the oven and the rosemary was too close to the top and it caught on fire. Then the smoke detectors went off -- it was pretty alarming for the whole building.

[In the living room] Back in Baltimore I had a very traditional house and when I moved in here I wanted to swing to the other side and do a little bit of the contemporary stuff. My style is an eclectic contemporary with a mixture of some homey things, like the [stuffed] kitty under the table. It is something that my mom gave me because I have always been around animals. Cats are low maintenance so that was sort of a joke gift for me when I moved in here. It always draws a lot of attention when I have guests over.

This TV is one of my newest additions. It was a four-week project. I thought you could drill through the wall, connect it to the outlet, hang it and that would be it. There was no way. I have surround sound and I didn't think about that when I bought it. I needed someone in here that was able to hook it up the proper way.

I painted the ceilings this dark color. Normally it's just cement with a silver vent. I thought I would warm it up by painting it a flat dark color. Burgundy is one of my favorite colors -- it's nice and warm.

[In the master bathroom] The walls are the same color as the ceiling in the living room. The towels are all monogrammed. My friends always tease me for that. I think it looks nice and it makes a statement. The glass shower wall is great. The only downfall is that it is not meant for two people.

[In the bedroom] I actually got this bed at Bloomingdales. It's Polo Ralph Lauren leather and it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture. I like leather -- it's low maintenance. If you spill something on it you can just wipe it clean with leather cleaner. The three photos above the bed are from a local artist in D.C. A friend of mine bought them for me. Then I have pictures of my parents. I don't know if that is the most appropriate spot -- next to my bed -- but it is a place where the frame fit.

[After the move] I was trying to bridge the gap between Baltimore and D.C. It was really hard to do that because my family lives in Baltimore. Now, they're coming here more often. It's not just my mom and father visiting either -- my whole family is coming to visit now. Christmas was here this year for the first time. Everyone came to my house and we had a Christmas tree out on the patio. They recognize that this is where my home is going to be.

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