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Trigger Meets Tatooine

Town welcomes cowboys, drag queens and sci-fi geeks for a little bit of country and a whole lot of comedy

Where have all the cowboys gone? Would you believe, Paula Cole, to Town? In fact, this Saturday, Town welcomes cowboys, drag queens and geeks -- oh, my! ''I'm hoping that people in the local community will realize that LGBT country dancers are alive and well,'' says Cullen Ruff, a member of the DC Rawhides. After a couple years in the church hall at Dupont Circle's Church of the Pilgrims, this country-western dance group christens the large second floor of Town ... [Read]

Cherry's Blossom Is Back

The Cherry Fund's annual spring dance party returns for more growth in 2014

''After such a brutal winter, D.C. deserves a special weekend,'' says the Cherry Fund's James Decker. Of course, the weekend he has in mind will require just a little more patience. But Kurt Graves promises Cherry 2014, starting Friday, April 4, will be worth the wait a full two weeks into the new season. After joining the Cherry Fund board last year, this year Graves steps up to replace Decker as the weekend co-chair with Allen Sexton. ''I think this ... [Read]

New York Naughty

The final Black Party at Roseland Ballroom and another Alegria ''Xtreme'' offer a one-two punch for fetish fans

''Venues are very important. They really do make the identity of a party,'' says Mike Peyton, producer of New York's Black Party, set for Saturday, March 22, at New York's Roseland Ballroom. Even so, Peyton is quick to add, venues are not a party's be all and end all. After all, the Black Party has not only survived the 1988 closure of its original venue, New York's legendary gay club The Saint, it has truly thrived. The rite has become ... [Read]

Velvet Town

Town throws another Velvet reunion party to celebrate what would have been the mega-party's 15th anniversary

Ed Bailey can't say for certain that Thunderpuss's monster '90s-era club jams were first played publicly at D.C.'s Velvet Nation. ''I think that that's what happened, but I don't really remember -- and I was the sober person,'' laughs Bailey, the promoter and producer for Velvet, the mega-popular Saturday night gay party at the former Southeast mega-club Nation. Victor Calderone and the late Peter Rauhofer are among the DJs who performed at Velvet the most. The Velvet Top 5 DJs ... [Read]

Stagg Sweethearts

Local developers launching gay matchmaking app Stagg with a JR.'s Valentines party

Brad Brenner had no prior experience working in app development, but the psychologist with a private practice in D.C. just couldn't turn down the chance to help develop a matchmaking app for gay men. ''One thing that I love about my job is I get to help people become what they want to in life,'' Brenner says. ''With this opportunity, I could potentially help a lot of people find these great connections that they might not have otherwise.'' {Stagg app ... [Read]

Nikno's Time

Nicholas Moede, aka DJ Nikno, offers another spin this Saturday at Town of his high-NRG/house sound

''I know I bring a little bit of a different sound to the clubs that I play,'' Nicholas Moede says, ''and it's great to see that sound getting a great response from the crowd.'' Moede, who goes by the alias DJ Nikno, was pleased with the crowd response he got during his debut at Town last November. The club was pleased, too, opting to bring Nikno back just two months later. ''I definitely play a lot of vocals,'' says Nikno, ... [Read]

Honey House

San Francisco's Honey Soundsystem introduces D.C. to its popular queer-focused dance party

At Flash Nightclub this Sunday, Feb. 9, you can count on dancing to music written specifically for '70s-era gay porn. ''It's really experimental, almost jazzy at times, spacey and futuristic,'' says Jacob Sperber, describing the instrumental electronic tracks written by the late Patrick Cowley and re-issued together last year as School Daze, a title from one of the old films. In many ways the 29-year-old Sperber, part of the San Francisco-based dance party Honey Soundsystem, has made it his mission ... [Read]

Victor's Return

Nation alum Victor Calderone returns to D.C. for a more intimate DJ night at U Street Music Hall

''My audience is predominantly straight these days,'' DJ Victor Calderone says, ''but especially in New York and in Miami the boys still come out for me. Which is great to see. That's the way I remember it being in the early '90s in New York City -- everyone just shared and partied together. I enjoy when there's a good diverse crowd out there.'' A decade ago, the tables were turned. Calderone was one of the leading DJs on the predominantly ... [Read]

Everything's Coming Up Rose

Once stationed Barracks Row, Ryan Rose returns to D.C. as an in-demand porn star and an appearance at Town

Ryan Rose started his career as a porn actor a bit over two years ago, when faced with unexpected unemployment. ''When the company I was working for closed their doors suddenly, overnight, I didn't have very many other options, especially in this struggling economy,'' he says. {Ryan Rose (Photo by courtesy Falcon Studios)} Would you believe that bankrupt company was in the residential construction business -- and that Rose was a real-life construction worker? Chicago-reared Rose had moved to Southwest ... [Read]

Blowoff Bows Out

Rich Morel and Bob Mould's nationally popular bear dance party will take a break after MAL

Did Rich Morel and Bob Mould come to blows a few months back? Is that why the Blowoff this Saturday, Jan. 18, is the last one? ''There's no dirt. There's no feud or anything like that,'' Morel says, laughing at the mere thought. Seconds Mould: ''It was so great to have 11 years without any kind of drama, so to speak.'' {Rich Morel and Bob Mould (Photo by Todd Franson)} And what an 11 years it was. What started as ... [Read]

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