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Get Madonna's Candy Early!

Posted by Hearsay
April 28, 2008 5:46 PM |

If you're looking for a midnight snack tonight, don't bother with milk and chocolate-dusted, sesame-crusted tofu. Instead, get tomorrow's fix today -- that is, Madonna's new sugar-rush of an album, Hard Candy. In conjunction with Warner Brothers and Hot 99.5, Dupont's lovely independent Melody Records is setting up temporary shop at Be Bar tonight so that you can buy the album early. It goes on sale at Be Bar the stroke of midnight. The chic bar is certainly the place to be tonight: The DJ duo BacK2bACk will help all the material girls and gays get into the groove with a special dance party, spinning tunes celebrating the candy-popping diva who knows how to make the burgoisie and the rebel dance together... at least for four minutes at a time.

Is getting an early lick at Hard Candy worth it? Yes, according to Metro Weekly music critic Doug Rule, whose full assessment of the album will appear in this Thursday's edition. Says Rule: "Madonna struts her way through this album with the same appealingly cocksure attitude she had when she started in the business half her life ago. In fact, anyone who ever called himself a fan will likely savor this for a long time to come."

Unfashionably Late in Black

Posted by Hearsay
April 19, 2008 7:25 PM |

Hearsay is nothing if not fashionably untimely. Which is why it is now filing a report on the Saint At Large's Rites XXIX: The Dangerous Black Party for Boys, the dirtiest Boy Scout camp ever. Hearsay made the rare trip to Manhattan, specifically to the Roseland Ballroom in New York's theater district. Many thousands of leather and fetish men were getting sprung for spring, which is dirty work, for sure. Among those from D.C. Hearsay spotted getting sexually sullied at the 29th annual Black Party were: Ron ''MILF'' Brown and his NYC crew, Sean ''Perky'' Eagler, Keith ''Pesky'' Iames, Tom ''Bumbalicious'' Walker and Colin ''Tuna and Pretzels'' Stewart. Hearsay wasn't doing too bad itself, thanks to the stiff ones bartender Mark ''Rump Shaker'' Loque served up. And thanks also to former D.C. resident Don ''Page'' Turner, who helped Hearsay get in a little bit better shape with a Chelsea_David_Barton.jpgguest pass to the best gay gym this side of I-95, David Barton Gym and Moonbounce. Why, Mr. Barton himself was even at the Chelsea location the Friday night before the party, pumping iron while local DJ Johnny ''Energizer'' Dynell pumped tunes from his own wheels of steel.

This year's Black Party occurred the same night as something called the Imperial Court's Night of a Thousand Gowns, a drag institution in Manhattan. monarchs_2008_sm.jpgThe Village Voice's Michael ''Crassing to Be Clever'' Musto said that that rare, simultaneous drag development forced some dresser-uppers to frantically change from one extravagant costume to another: ''running home to uncover their facial hair, take off the bra and let the tits hang in a muscle T.'' Hearsay didn't see any signs of mascara residue or unfortunate tuck plucks, but then maybe those weren't just black eyes or profusely punched pecs as Hearsay had originally thought. The Black Party ain't for pussies, in any case. This is a dog and pig show. In fact, a figurative pig of the female persuasion was roasted right there on the premises -- in the set built as a campfire just outside a cave at the base of the Matterhorn. There were miners in that cave, and they weren't just mining for gold. There were rock-climbers too, and they weren't really climbing rocks. The sight of those hairy, muscle-laden lads -- part of porn-star headliner Francois ''Fighting Titan'' Sagat's posse -- climbing up a net with their backs to the crowd in nothing but white jockstraps? Well, that's Hearsay's kind of camp.

The next night, the Miami-based but legendary New York promoter Ric ''My Name in Lights'' Sena hosted his first Alegria party at the newly refurbished and repurposed Webster Hall, which days earlier the city had dignified a historic landmark. The 120-plus-year East Village haunt oozed character. It oozed thousands of men, too. h05020oyoc1.jpgIt was hard to move around the dance floor in the early going, and the brand-new wood floor was a rocking to all the foot-stomping. But soon enough, the boys figured out the layout and got with the flow, and the party became its usual steaming-good time. Hearsay had fun dancing with all the hairy muscle porn stars celebrating the dirty, sexy weekend, especially Jake ''Punch Drunk'' Deckard and Damien ''Detained and Restrained'' Crosse. Just before Sena presented DJ Abel with a giant lit birthday cake that Abel blew out before he set the place on fire, Jeanie ''Party People Powerhouse'' Tracy performed. Woo hoo! Among too many familiar faces, both from D.C. and New York, Hearsay especially enjoyed watching Glanson ''Touch The Sky'' LaBarrie burn it up. Just two nights before, LaBarrie had packed his friends into the upstairs of U Street's El Sol Mexican Restaurant for his going-away party. Yes, D.C. has lost another one to the dirty city to the North. LaBarrie packed himself up and moved the very next day....

White Lights

Posted by Hearsay
April 18, 2008 10:45 PM |
blaine.jpg On Friday, April 11, Hearsay stopped into Apex, which was having a special White Party. Apex manager Joey-O flew in former Apex resident DJ Blaine "Like the Bird, Dammit!" Soileau all the way from Dallas for the occasion. It was Soileau's first time spinning locally in two years, so it was certainly a virginal experience to some listeners. Clayton "Let Me Take You" Green, Bryan "Just a Simple Journey" Presgrave and Ryan "Music Is Pumping" Bishop were among those getting down to Soileau's driving beats....

WASPS Sting Too...

Posted by Hearsay
April 18, 2008 10:01 PM |
images.jpegMr. Gill may have ended his night face down in birthday cake, but Hearsay kept going last Saturday. It had another party to hit, this one at Duplex Dinerpreppie-look.jpg. No bees allowed, the invite said. Actually, it didn't, but the "Pearls, Pastels and Polos" party was all about mock-celebrating WASPs. Host No. 1 Billy "I May Listen to Virgin Radio, But I'm No Virgin" Black wore a white dress shirt, with his collar popped and top buttons undone, a striped green tie draped very loosely around his neck, plus a multi-patterned plaid beret and clashing plaid shorts. It almost made Hearsay vomit. Host No. 2 Bob "Tinker" Bell wore a pastel green Polo shirt, with popped collar and slicked-up hair. Again, with the almost vomit. Hearsay didn't stick around to find out who won the best-dressed prep contest, though surely Kris "Finally Free" Nelson got something for his troubles. He wore practically all white except for his striped belt and purplish-grey sweater draped around his white Polo just so. And there's the actual vomit. Sorry, Eric, but that's why you pay people to mop the floors....

Turning 23 on 17th

Posted by Hearsay
April 18, 2008 9:40 AM |

Spring has sprung and Hearsay just can't get enough. There's hardly a better time to go out in Washington, when the boys are in heat even when Mother Nature gets cold feet. Remember how she tricked us into thinking it would be warm enough to wear shorts all night last Saturday? You say you weren't fooled? Yes, well, poor dear Jeff ''Veronica's A Bitch'' Nelson forgot. His partner told him not to wear shorts, but he did anyway, bar-hopping up 17th Street like it was July.


At least he had a purpose. It's not every day in April Shayne ''Savannah Stole My Mattress!'' Gill turns 23. Though, truth be told, he's turned 23 in April every year for the past decade, maybe more -- once he logged onto the Internet for the first time, he never looked back and lost all track of time! Gill's hubby Bob ''How Did It Happen?'' Leidich organized an ''Ignunt Bar Crawl'' to celebrate the birthday, starting before sunset at Halo, then skipping over to JR.'s, then DIK Bar -- or Windows, depending on your outlook -- then Cobalt, allowing for a couple drinks at each stop. Some 40 of Gill's heaviest-drinking buddies made the trek, or met up with him along the way, including Brent ''Taking One for the Team'' Minor, Paul ''Sticky and Sweet'' Corrie, Steve ''Take a Picture'' Ewens, Chuck ''Any Boy You Like'' Ruoff and Brian ''On the Move'' Alberts. The party ended up at Bob and Shayne's lovely abode on Riggs Street.

''Liquor in the front, poker in the rear,'' Gill said as he greeted his guests. Hearsay didn't see any poking going on -- at least not while it was there. Though there was entertainment, which was quite entertaining. Did somebody say Secrets is coming back? Somebody sign them up! There were also gallons of liquor. Bob and Shayne had 20 or so bottles out on the back porch -- but over 100 more on the floor in the dining room. Those boys are well-stocked. Next time you run into them, ask about their "Cupcake Splash"....

Yes, it's before Memorial Day, but it's also a new millennium. Go ahead and wear white tonight if you want to! And if you do, you can save $5 and get in free at Apex, which is having a White Party and flying in former Apex resident DJ Blaine ''That's Mr. Swallow to You'' Soileau all the way from Dallas. It'll be his first time spinning locally in two years. Sounds like good clean fun, and Hearsay is in dire need of that -- not to mention, a good spring cleaning....

Wine before beer, how queer...

Posted by Hearsay
April 3, 2008 7:18 PM |
Hearsay remembers its first like it was last weekend, and no, it doesn't mean mutual lollipop licking at the Fireplace -- though there's no better way to let someone know you like him than to stick out your tongue and lick until he's blue. No, Hearsay's first was nearly four years ago, when Hearsay got with a gaggle of gays who gathered at the otherwise very straight Nick's Riverside Grille at Washington Harbor. It was a gaggle led by Amy ''Humpin'' Mulry, Karl ''Jumpin''' Jones and Chris "Bumpin'' Trott, organizers of the Guerilla Queer Bar DC , the people who like to mix it up. Can you believe they've been shaking straights, not stirring them, for four years now? And to celebrate the fourth anniversary, they're mixing it up even more, by first going to just one of the many new wine bars in town, Veritas, and then finishing the night at the straightest of the straight bars in probably the straightest part of party town DC, Adam's Morgan's Heaven and Hell. The group's one-way listserv -- how straight is that? -- all-but promises that without either interns or spring breakers in town, all three floors of the club should be more gay heaven then hell -- though technically upstairs is Heaven, while downstairs, where they shoot pool and play punk and rap, is, uh, Hell. The takeover fun starts at 2031 Florida Avenue at 9 p.m., then moves to 2327 18th Street at 10 p.m....