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Pride in the Big Apple

Posted by Hearsay
June 27, 2008 1:41 PM |
This weekend, New York honors the Stonewall riots that helped usher in the gay rights movement, and with it, Gay Pride. Thirty-nine years later, NYC Pride remains an ultimate celebration of big-city gaydom.

You might be exhausted from just looking at the following list of things to bite this weekend in the Big Apple, but believe Hearsay, it's not an exhaustive list -- there are at least three times as many more bar and club happenings in New York. For once, Hearsay decided to be selective. Though there is some overlap, you could conceivably hit all of these events, if your stamina -- and your wallet -- holds out. You won't know unless you try, right?

Friday night, Hearsay is intrigued by two completely different ways to kick it all off. The first option is the most unusual. Where else in the city can you actually swim during a nighttime party? The Baña Pool Party () starts at midnight at a venue with a giant pool way downtown, in the Financial District, with tickets requiring a dive in the deep end (cheapest tickets are $40). But come on, you might win a medal! This monthly gay event features an open bar all night long, plus guest performances. For this special Pride edition, leather pornstar Mike "All Out Assault" Dreyden will be "helping you into your swim trunks," or whatever you decide to wear in the water.

For a more traditional start to the weekend -- as traditional as clubbing all night can get -- you can't do much better than hearing DJs Peter "Save Me" Rauhofer, Offer "Call M" Nissim and Richie "Beat Me" Santana at Work () at its new Friday night venue Discotheque in Chelsea.

Saturday afternoon, you should hit the Virgin Megastore () at Union Square for its 2nd annual Pridefest celebrating all things gay audio-visual, from musicians to pornstars. DJs Max ''Come Once A Year'' Rodriguez and former Playgirl pinup DeMarko! will spin during the noon to 6 p.m. event, where even drinks will be on tap, and a motley crew of singers will perform, including Brian ''Don't Stop Believin''' Kent, Jason ''My Voice Takes You Higher'' Walker, Joi ''My Joy'' Cardwell and Ari ''Aren't I Special?'' Gold. In addition, DJs will be on deck to sign copies of their latest compilations from 2 to 3 p.m., and Raging Stallion stars will be parading around much of the day signing autographs -- ''Let me hear you squeal like a pig while I'm porking you. XOXO, Jake ''˜The Other White Meat' Deckard.''

Saturday night brings a special blowout Blowoff to the High Line Ballroom. Bob ''Franchise Opportunities Available'' Mould and Rich ''Trademark Pending'' Morel bring the same level of woozy woofiness to this bimonthly New York offshoot of the original D.C. monthly, which is in hibernation until September. You can actually get started hunting muscle bears before Blowoff though, on the annual Sea Tea Muscle Bears Cruise (). DJ Mark ''Disco Inferno'' Cicero will spin on the two and a half hour cruise sailing at 7:30 p.m. in the Hudson River, where you can drink and dine at a free buffet and then have dessert with the frisky furry fellas.

Sunday is the gay lord's day, but don't even think of resting. The 39th Annual Pride Day March () kicks off at noon at Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street and parades around for hours until ending in the Village, where the 15th Annual Pridefest Street Fair () -- back after a year off -- goes until 7 p.m. Starting at 4 p.m. is the ultimate party of the weekend, if you can handle the crowd and the heat -- the 22nd Annual Dance on the Pier (), which benefits the organization putting on the whole weekend shebang, Heritage of Pride. DJs Joe ''Circuit Star'' Gauthreaux and Tracy ''Sticky and Sweet'' Young will spin while Guy ''Razzle Dazzle'' Smith lights the fire until the fireworks end it all at 10:30 p.m. A surprise performer will take the stage right before the fiery climax. Janet, J. Lo, Whitney and hmm, Idina ''Gravity's A Witch'' Menzel, have taken the stage in years past, so you never know.

Finally, get out your last vestiges of your Pride at Pacha, when Saint At Large () will reprise the peak-time music from this year's Black Party experience, bringing back Stephan ''Grind Out'' Grondin and Jonathan ''All This Time'' Peters. But the real draw is the ultimate champion at this Champions party: Junior ''Gimme More'' Vasquez, returning to the former Sound Factory space that helped cement his legendary status decades ago. Vasquez won't even go on until poor 9-to-5ers start getting ready for work, so feel free to arrive late, maybe after a little rest-ee-poo. By the time it's done Monday afternoon, you will be too.

Bend It Like Beckham

Posted by Hearsay
June 23, 2008 3:54 PM |

....beckssss.jpgIn case you haven't heard, the latest flap over the flap in the shorts of super soccer stud David Beckham isn't as juicy as you'd hope. It's a lot of huff about fluff and stuff, you might say. The British newspaper The Daily Mail has compared the bulge in Beckham's bikini briefs in the hot new Emporio Armani ad with a two-year-old candid shot, and sees a big difference. They also refer to the packaged goods as his "lunchbox." Yum, yum. Lord knows it makes Hearsay hungry.

Well, Hearsay demands an in-person inspection, perhaps even a hands-on assessment. Barring that, Hearsay's educated guess -- yes, educated, Hearsay got its degree studying the 3B's, bulges, booze and butts -- is that this is simply a matter of loose vs. tight fabric, or really basic vs. contoured cut trunks. Armani clearly knows how to accentuate the positive. Or maybe it's a matter of Beckham just getting out of the ocean in the older shot. Cold water is a lunchbox's enemy!

Click here for a slideshow of Becks' lunchbox and especially his picnic bASSket.

Taking Pride in Baltimore

Posted by Hearsay
June 20, 2008 10:49 AM |
If you didn't get Prided out last weekend, then you might as well hop on up to Ballmer, hon. That's right, Baltimore Pride is this weekend. The theme this year is ''Life, Love, Be'More'' -- ain't that cute? Be'More in B'More. Don't mind if Hearsay do! On Sunday, DC's Mara ''Leave It To'' Levi, Tom ''Good Man'' Goss and Odd Girl Out will perform, as will Brendan ''Look Into His Eyes'' Velasquez. But Hearsay's most excited for Saturday, when the Parade kicks off with a high-heel race, and then ends at Eager ''Beaver'' Street in the heart of gay Mount Vernon, where the Pride Block Party goes until 10 p.m. Johnny ''Soccer Baller'' McGovern and his Team Pimp headline the party, and DC's own crazy-good all-female party band Wicked Jezebel will also perform. Best yet, you can drink right there on Gay Street, out in the open, as you view the performers, peruse the vendors and -- don't forget! -- cruise the Pridegoers. What's not to love?

Once that's a wrap -- or even before -- you can just stumble on in to Club Hippo, where local DJ Shawn ''Right On'' Q will spin before the lead-half of Rosabel, the legendary Ralphi ''You Used to Hold Me'' Rosario , spins until 2 a.m., when sadly Charm City turns off the taps and makes you go home. Unless you want to keep going without alcohol. And if you can stomach that, then DC's Ed ''It Ain't My Town, But I Love It Here'' Bailey will save you from yourself once again. He'll spin for what's becoming an annual Pride tradition at B'More's beloved bare-bones after-hours spot, Club 1722. It's always a fun mix of party people: on Pride night mostly gay, but there'll still be a good gaggle of friendly straights, including, quite possibly, B'more pro-athletes. Try to score one for the team....

Pride Spectating

Posted by Hearsay
June 12, 2008 5:23 PM |
What, you don't feel like dancing? You say you're the type to just get drunk and gawk? Well, there's plenty for you this weekend too! First up there's either the Bachelor Auction at Remington's or the Bachelorette's Auction at RnR Bar and Lounge, both tonight -- yes, tonight, Thursday, June 12. Then tomorrow night comes perhaps the biggest highlight of the weekend, the rare chance to see... Joan Crawford! Yes, the bitch is back -- of course she's not letting a little death get in her way. Tina be damned! 368437088_032a862884.jpgOne in Ten's Reel Affirmations will screen the Crawford classic Strait-Jacket this Friday, June 13, outdoors at the gorgeous Hillwood Estate Museum and Gardens in upper Northwest. As fun as the movie will be, watching Crawford try to convince her family that the latest beheadings aren't her axing-handiwork, the killer of the night will be a Crawford look-a-like contest. The winner gets a wire hanger from Home Rule engraved with the name of the film for which Crawford won her one and only Academy Award. (Not really, but if you can name it you'll not only impress Hearsay, you'll surely impress patrons at the screening. Get to work!)

Then of course, there are the requisite Pride events, the Parade Saturday evening, June 14, and the Street Festival on Sunday, June 15. For the Parade you should plant yourself near a bar anywhere along the route -- Fireplace, Omega, DIK, Cobalt, Halo, Floriana, Annie's, though might we suggest JR.'s and its ''outdoor beer garden'' right on the bar's half-block of Church Street. The Festival will have a couple beer gardens set up, so you can roam (but not with your foam). Time to get your pride drinking on!...

Dance Your Pride Off

Posted by Hearsay
June 12, 2008 5:04 PM |

Do you feel like dancing this weekend? Pshew-wee, then has Hearsay got a weekend for you! It takes a village of course -- Hearsay can't do it all, though Hearsay has sure tried to do everyone! And what is Capital Pride without a village? This year, Pride even brings in some legends to make sure you dance like the Romans did in their village. When in Rome... To kick it off, stop by to hear a legend, in town both Friday and Saturday nights. Susan "Dorito" Morabito, who's been spinning since before the act was a verb, will DJ both nights at Apex, that legendary club celebrating 25 years in business this year.


He's only a legend in his own mind, but entertaining all the same, and Project Runway's Christian ''Fierce Tranny Who's Not Really'' Siriano will work it out Friday at the Official Capital Pride Men's Party at Town tomorrow night, June 13. Be careful what you wear and how you wear it, else Siriano will slap you with a ''hot mess'' citation. A what? Is that a good thing or bad thing? Only one way to find out! While the men's dance party is about fashion, the Official Capital Pride Women's Party at the nearby 9:30 Club is about music, with enough lesbian rockers to form a clique, including Melissa Ferrick and BETTY. And over in Northeast, Fuego hosts the year's D.C. Latino Pride Dance, with one drag performance after another.

Following the parade on Saturday, Cobalt will have a special Pride edition of its Flashback '70s disco and '80s retro party with DJ Jason "Raiders of the Lost Quark" Royce, launching immediately at the end of the parade. At midnight, DJ Chris "A Little Dab'll Do Ya" Combs will spin tribal and progressive house. There's the special Pride blowout edition of Blowoff at the 9:30 Club -- it's also the summer's final Blowoff, which will take a hiatus until September. So get your man fur groomed and get your furry fix for the summer. At Fur itself there's the official Pride event Unity, where boys and girls will dance together for 11 hours nonstop, to DJs Steve ''Chip Chop You Don't Stop'' Gonzales, Steven "Harry and the" Henderson, Sin "To Win" Morera and others, including a new DJ on the scene, BabyPeeps, who reportedly only spins songs by The Wiggles. Fur is open till 8 a.m., giving this town a rare after-hours event. Meanwhile, back across town, Town will bring in Chris "Platinum Finger" Cox, the former Thunderpuss-er and Nation regular who will make his debut at the club. Be Bar will have back2back DJ'ing boycamp, with Counselor Ba'Naka Devereaux leading go-go boys in team games while patrons will no doubt engage in individual pursuits. For the ladies, there's Lure's pride event at the RnR Bar, at 717 6th St. NW, featuring DJs Raw and Rosie, both mainstays at Baltimore's Hippo....