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Life in a Trailer Town

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September 27, 2008 8:49 AM |
Diva League.jpg

The film festival’s a-coming! The film festival’s a-coming! Yep, in three weeks time -- Thursday, October 16, to be exact -- Reel Affirmations will turn up the lights in our gay hood for the eighteenth time. Which means the festival will finally be legal to vote this year. Tonight, Sept. 27, Town Danceboutique will screen about a dozen trailers from features selected for this year’s festival. But that’s not all. Tomorrow night’s theme is actually movie night, so in addition to screening the trailers during the Town drag show, all the Town drag queens will perform movie-related numbers. And then, soon after the upstairs opens for the evening, the Town drag queens will actually star in a movie. No, not Schwarzwald: The Movie You Can Dance To. The planned showing of that film has been cancelled. Town’s Ed “I'm Ready for My Close-up, Mr. DeMille” Bailey informs Hearsay that he couldn’t come to agreement with the people behind the film on screening arrangements. But fear not, oh movie-minded clubgoers -- the Town-folk have created their own little cinematic masterpiece, sure to win an Oscar, Oscar Oscar, an Emmy-Mae, a Gay People's Choice Award and a Noble Roman's Pizza Prize. Masterminded by the X-Faction dance troupe, the dancers and drag queens star in a short, short film that Bailey says is about the so-called Diva League saving a nightclub mogul who gets kidnapped and needs rescue. And just who is this Diva League? A fictional league of drag queens imbued with super powers, like the ability to put on lipstick flawlessly without looking in a mirror. The league is comprised of Banshee, Blonde Marvel, Angel Cat and Star Light, and they're a super group of faux-girls. The whole she-bop gets going at around 10 p.m....

Vida Brings You Obama and a Sex-y Lady

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September 26, 2008 9:04 AM |
Sarah Jessica Parker.jpgHearsay, for obvious reasons, loves Sarah Jessica Parker for personifying the role of Carrie “I Began to Wonder” Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Why, someday Hearsay hopes Harvey “You Want Me to Print That?” Fierstein will portray Hearsay, the very imaginative -- and maybe even imaginary -- columnist in a hit LOGO comedy series. But Fierstein will never be Hearsay just as Parker is more than just Bradshaw. After all, Parker has been nested for years with her own Mr. Big, Matthew “Anyone, Anyone” Broderick. She even has her own children, something Bradshaw -- and Hearsay! -- never would. And while Bradshaw never expressed political opinions beyond the prohibitive prices of the three Ms: Manhattan real estate, Manolo Blahniks and men, Parker -- and Hearsay! -- is a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. So much so, she’s even leaving The City to raise money for presidential candidate Barack “The Obvious Choice” Obama in what so many hope will be his new hometown.

Tonight, Friday, Sept. 26, Parker is the guest of honor for the Gay and Leadership Council of the Democratic National Committee’s Obama fundraiser at the brand spanking new Vida Fitness at The Brand Spanking New Metropole at the Brand Spanking New 15th and P Street NW. You have to give $100 minimum to get in, and only a limited number of folks will be allowed in at that price. Better plan to forego a pair of new heels -- but oh no! Miss Adams Morgan is only two weeks away! -- and give at least $250. The party is from 6 to 8 p.m., after which you should be scurrying about to get ready to watch the first presidential debate -- or Obama monologue, or whatever it will be if that wussy John “I Have More Important Things to Do Than Run for President” McCain backs out. To RSVP for the Vida fundraiser, click here. Money will go toward the Obama Victory Fund....

The Jokes Are on D.C.

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September 24, 2008 9:34 AM |
Margaret Cho.jpgTwo of the most gay-popular comedians and reality-show stars are hitting town. First up is Margaret “I’m Here To Wash” Cho, who will pick up a Gay & Lesbian Leadership Award from the Victory Fund at their leadership awards tonight. And then every night this weekend except Saturday, because Saturday is a day of recovery, Kathy “This Is My God Now” Griffin will perform her shocking stand-up at DAR Constitution Hall. Thursday and Friday nights are sold out, but tickets can still be had for Sunday. It’s not clear if either comedian will pop into any of our fair share of clubs, but be on the lookout. It’s also not clear if they’ll have cameras in tow, though both VH1’s The Cho Show and Bravo’s My Life on the D-List -- which just won its second straight Emmy -- are all about the two hob-knobbing with the homos, so here’s your possible chance to be a star. Or at least an extra. An even better question: Will their wonderful mothers show? Somebody bring some boxed wine and cheap champagne, just in case....

Blowoff's Return

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September 19, 2008 3:19 PM |

Tomorrow night sees the return to D.C. of Blowoff after a summer hiatus and out-of-town expansion. You can expect hairy muscle lads and dads out in force, celebrating the return to the 9:30 Club. You can also expect to hear new tunes – maybe even new tunes from Rich “A Boy’s Reverie” Morel himself. His new double-disc set The Death of the Paperboy comes out next month. Disc 2 -- officially “Disc-O," get it? -- has got some dancefloor burners on it. Cyndi “Shirtless Wonders Wreck My Sight” Lauper, for one, is already a fan, picking the album as one of her “10 gayest-greatest of all time." Meantime, there’s a lot more going on with the Blowoff buds. Bob “Hardly Getting Over It” Mould is currently writing his autobiography. Yep, you heard it right. thumb_2008-04-17_1003_29980.jpgThe seminal post-punker is collaborating with noted rock biographer Michael “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Azerrad on the book, to be published by Little, Brown in two years. Chances are, Mould may write all about that one time you made a fool of yourself, going on and on about how much you love saying Husker Du, how much Sugar means to you, how much you love how silly pro-wrestling is, and so on and so on. Hopefully he won’t write about that time Hearsay strummed his guitar and plucked the strings, and slobbered all over his mike -- or about the time Mould caught Hearsay making out with someone somewhere it didn’t belong. Talk about a Blowoff.


But wait, there’s more! Next year -- in March, to be exact -- Mould will release his next solo set, following the success of the great District Line as another guitar-rocking affair. His electronica days are over. Except that they’re not. Did Hearsay already mention his bear-y, beat-y bash known as Blowoff? Well, it just keeps getting bigger and better.

In its hometown, Blowoff continues as a monthly party, but it’s now bimonthly in San Francisco as well as New York, and they also host the party regularly in Provincetown. They sure are getting around! They make Hearsay proud....

As Seen on Tee-Vee! Yee-haw!

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September 18, 2008 9:10 PM |
Those talented and tasty DC Cowboys may have been voted off NBC’s America’s Got Talent last month (too soon!) after making it through several rounds and spending 10 grueling days in Hollywood. But they got a taste of national television -- and they want more. Founder Kevin “I’ve Got Friends in High Heeled Places” Platte told the Washingtonian that he’s shopping the concept of a reality show about the group to Bravo, Logo and other national networks. He’s got the help of a friend and neighbor of his, William “Britney and Brokeback Out All” Knight, who just so happens to be an Emmy-winning TV producer. The show will focus on the group as it rehearses and performs around town, including at its monthly hoedown at Remington’s. The latest hoedown happens tomorrow night, Friday, Sept. 19, when at 10:45 p.m. and 11:45 p.m. you can “rip the tank-top off your favorite DC Cowboy.” Sounds like Hearsay’s kind of party! And here’s everyone’s chance to catch them before they become even more famous. You can say you were there when....

Abel Fellow

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September 15, 2008 8:12 AM |
Hearsay enjoyed a gorgeous evening a few Saturdays ago after the all-day deluge of rain from Hanna the Hurricane threatened to flood its girdle. Or maybe that was just leftover Fleet residue? Anyway, by nighttime it was ready to head indoors per usual, specifically to hit Town for an all-night deluge of bass from Abel the Almighty DJ. It was only his second night in the venue, and he sure did work the crowd into a frenzy, playing Rihanna early and Madonna late, and all sorts of screaming in between. Hearsay enjoyed dancing with the DJs -- not Abel, but our very own Alan “Back to Front, Up to Town” Chasan and Don “Doing The Nellie’s Dance” Trott. Also in the sea of shirtless sights was Chasan’s friend Rick “Take It From Here” Henderson and Trott’s pal C.J. “Put Your Hands Up” Gustafson. And then there was Miguel “Tattoo You” Lem, out celebrating his birthday. How old? “Timeless,” he said, over and over and over. Hearsay’s getting hard of hearing. Turns out he’s 37. But he does look timeless. Did someone already say that?....

Ready to be Dominated at King's Dominion

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September 13, 2008 8:41 AM |
dominator.JPGHearsay can’t wait to get dominated tonight – and no, smart-ass, not like every other Saturday night. Have you ridden the new ride the Dominator at Kings Dominion? Well, Saturday’s the best chance you’ll get this year. That’s right, it’s once again time for the annual fundraiser for Brother Help Thyself at the amusement park halfway between D.C. and Richmond. And this year the event is making money for BHT. “It’s just great. We just started this for a sense of community and never anticipated making money from it,” says BHT president JoAnn “This Mary Don’t Go Round” Kokindo. The event always attracts at least a couple thousand queer folks from all over -- “as far away as South Carolina,” Kokindo notes. And why not? The whole park is closed to the public, so there are barely any lines for the rides. And those rides are open from 8 to 11 p.m., after which dancing commences on the park’s International Street. Kokindo is excited by this year’s choice of DJ Drew “O” G, coming down from New York with new remixes to play for the throngs of dancing roller-coaster enthusiasts. Kokindo, for one, won’t be riding the rides. “The sight of a roller coaster makes me sick,” she says. Best yet, the forecast is for a temperature that’s “not too cool, not too hot,” Kokindo says. Sounds perfect! Visit www.brotherhelpthyself.org for more information and tickets, which cost $28 in advance or $32 at the gate....

Halo Goes Orange

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September 12, 2008 8:33 AM |
SCN090508HaloRemodelBW0185.jpgLast Friday night, Hearsay pressed the flesh and pounded the pavement looking for votes. Excuse me, would you vote for orange? No, not Vincent “Not An Apple But An” Orange. We mean the color. Well, it sure makes the new upstairs at Halo look sunny. Yes folks, the upstairs remodel is done, and Halo had its official grand reopening ceremony for the new Ultra Lounge last Friday night, Sept. 5, when men in suits were out protecting Babak "I'm A Justin Timberlake Fan" Movahedi, Councilmembers Jim "I'll Go with Britney" Graham and Jack "Make Mine Madonna" Evans and -- oh yeah, Mayor Adrian “New Kids on the Block, All The Way” Fenty, who actually cut a ribbon to open the place. Snip. Who said Hearsay wasn’t feeling political? The big-time Obama supporter christened the new space, which has serious curves, and comes in waves. Hearsay enjoyed the trendy new look at Halo so much, it stayed there pretty much all night. John “Thank God That N's Not an I” McCann whipped ‘em up strong for Hearsay, so the bright orange lights of upstairs were dancing in our heads by night’s end. Hearsay also enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and meeting new, as well as old friends meeting old friends -- who reconnected through new technology. Thanks to Facebook, Eric “Pennsylvania Calling” Muhl met up with a handsome friend from high school and his boyfriend, in town for the night. Hearsay then went off to find its own boyfriend for the night, setting its sights on a steaming hot little number from South Dakota....

Level Up!

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September 11, 2008 8:55 AM |
Have you eaten at Level One yet? Hearsay’s certainly drunk enough of the stuff bearing that name in its day. But in this case, instead of premium vodka that takes you high, Hearsay’s talking about premium food. Yes, the long-awaited replacement to Food Bar is finally open and ready for business. They're serving outside only right now, but the inside is set to have a grand opening on Sept. 25, with brunch service starting on Sept. 28. The menu is American comfort food -- and what could be more comfortable than dining out on 17th Street in gorgeous September weather? Make your reservations now at www.levelonedc.com. Well, actually, you can’t make reservations online, but you can read all about the space there. Bon Appetit....