August 3 - 9, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 3, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's a time for missing the bus you meant to catch, and finding money on the one you do. It's a time for running up your minutes when you connect with an old crony. It's a time for learning the hard way what tasks remain before you're representing authentically. Look for the silver lining in every cloud that shades your path. Let the heat guide you to greater activity and productivity in the cooler evenings and nights.

Aries: It's more like shooting fish in a barrel than a crap shoot. For once your intuition is in sync with manifest reality. You can get what you're willing to go after, if you can harness all that magnificent libido in the name of your goal. Skip patience, go with your charisma.

Taurus: You're languorous, and it looks good on you. Don't hurry, since you don't have anywhere you meant to be. If you can coast, do. If you can't, then get in early and stay a little longer so that you can take enough time not to have to break a sweat. Wear pink for cheer.

Gemini: You know your way through the labyrinth, forward and backward. Don't let any flash of insight get in the way of the plans you've already made. Second thoughts will bring only third and fourth-round reconsiderations. Get on the dime, on the ball and on the bus Monday.

Cancer: Rewind your point of view, and try to play the whole sequence through from the most difficult perspective. You'll find yourself rewarded with both empathy and a solution where none existed previously. If you can walk the talk, you'll have everyone on your side.

Leo: You're golden, and you know it. Don't waste your time with humility; it won't serve your ends. Shine for all you're worth, the herd will follow without a bleat. Use the force for good and you'll have satisfaction keeping you warm all the way through the winter. Ask a Scorpio.

Virgo: Sentience aside, you've been relying on sentiment to guide you in your journey. You could get farther with less effort if you made a shift to a more objective course of trajectory. Get a buddy to help you sort through the chaos. Ask an older person to shine a light for you.

Libra: If it's not what you think, then what could it be? You're in the throes of a burgeoning attraction -- to the likes of which you're usually immune. This fascination has many facets. Will you take the time to view them all, or will you rationally chuck the whole for the parts?

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Scorpio: Time is on your side. As long as you don't have to be anywhere in particular, you can get anywhere you really need to be eventually. Resist the urge to pump up the pressure. You wouldn't like what might happen in the crucible of nature. Relax with an exfoliation.

Sagittarius: You're filled with wonder, good intentions and inspiration at a record rate. Yet you can understand there's a lot of work between your ideal and its reality. This may be a first for you, mark the calendar. Once you get done celebrating, get yourself into training.

Capricorn: Where have you already been? Do you need to tread the path again, or is there somewhere further you could go to prove your own admirable growth and sturdy infrastructure? You have the capability, but can you gather up the will? Seek out a Pisces.

Aquarius: You're calling the shots. Isn't that what you'd wanted? Now that you're in charge, you'll have to spend some time working out how to make the joy of the transition real to others. Bring your cool-but-friendly nature to the negotiating table, and you'll find a place.

Pisces: If you can't stand the heat, take scuba lessons. You'll find relief from the scrutiny wherever there's good, deep water. Go spelunking in your heart-of-hearts to find out how long you'll have to keep your head down to keep your emotions intact. Sleep late Friday.

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