October 12-18, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on October 12, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Are those chickens coming home to roost, or merely the distorted gossip returning from a game of ''telephone''? If it doesn't end up biting you on the ass, you still may have to take responsibility for that information being adrift in the sea of data. Make peace with your choices and voluntary restrictions in order to fulfill your part in the dance of the social contract. That which started on a whim is beginning to take on overtones of intensity. Make each step count.

Aries: There's a conflagration building below the surface. How long will you suppress your honest, and possibly fair, assessment? You're not afraid of much, so what are you waiting around for? Seize the day by the short-and-curlies and make it do your bidding. Wear red.

Taurus: You're preparing to go underground to get from here to there. Be certain you have your internal engineering chops together before you irrevocably embrace the low road. Once you've got the logistics in hand, the rest will follow docilely. Don't complain 'til Saturday.

Gemini: You can feel a whole new you waiting to burst forth from the constraints of your old life. That's a great thing, but don't forget that much depends on timing. You'll go farther with less hassle if you can only wait for your golden moment. Make opportunity with both hands.

Cancer: You're in love all over again, and it's the last thing you'd ever have come to expect. What's up with that? Aren't you jumping the gun? You had plans and they were nowhere near beta ready, but you're releasing everything all at once -- common sense included, oh my!

Leo: What's more fun than to go and play in the messes others have made? It won't be your chore to pick up, unless you exert your magnanimity and volunteer. At the same time, you have to ask where you fit in to the bigger picture and how much are you doing about it?

Virgo: Life isn't going to the dogs; it's been there a while now. So make peace with the dogs and get used to handling the routine of the kennel. You'll find that the dogs of your intuition will keep you posted when there are emotional intruders at the perimeters. Let them in?

Libra: If it were easy to keep your head together and your conscience clear, it wouldn't be so satisfying when you finally got to the benchmark and celebrated your growth. Find space to let others do that growing-and-becoming thing. It behooves you to be generous on Friday.

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Scorpio: Where were you when the big decision went down? If you were in the restroom, you know that your innate timing had kicked-in. Don't regret the changes that have been thrust upon you—they were possible due to your own internecine machinations. Give it a rest.

Sagittarius: You can climb as high as you choose, but like that kitten in the tree last week, you may need some help getting down. It's not dignified, but so much of what you put yourself through isn't. Enjoy the assistance, but don't take any vows of foresight just yet.

Capricorn: Get through this and the rest will be a cake walk. Get through this and you'll be ready for fire-walking in Indonesia. Get through this and you'll find that you have the gifts you've always wanted and never dared to believe of yourself. Treat yourself to carbs Sunday.

Aquarius: What did you mean, and when did you mean it? Your accountability has been called on the table and everyone wants a piece of your hide if any of it is true. Happily, your upright conduct and transparent actions speak for you better than any witness. Relax early.

Pisces: Haven't you been listening? Probably not, but you've been there all along. These brownie points will come in handy before the weekend sets in. Call in favors to get you past the log jam. Remember that the internal pressure is self-generated: it's all about you now.

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