April 12-18, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on April 12, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You've established and fostered that which mattered. Now you're harvesting the fruits of your labors. Will it be bitter or sweet? Plentiful or sparse? You could learn a lot from assessing where you've been and what you've done. And when you've completed your personal inventory, move on and move forward. Shut the book on the past once you've balanced your accounts. Then the seeds of your future can take root in your experience.

Aries: Let it go, in good faith and with your whole heart. You can't compete with your own past and future simultaneously and expect to come out for the good. What you can do is make your valiant choices and live in the light you create from your own innovations. Ask.

Taurus: What do you do for others that you're not so good about doing for yourself? It's payback time, and you owe yourself a fair helping of compassion, understanding and old fashioned hard work. Put your back into it; things are in better shape than you realize.

Gemini: You should stroll around the block a few times and take the air. You've been a little agoraphobic lately, and hiding indoors is no cure for spring fever. Scratch where it itches, roll in the sunshine and give yourself a colorful treat. Chat with an Aries to find out what's next.

Cancer: Look on the bright side, it's over at last. No matter how much you miss the comfort of all that structure, you've been liberated and must make your own choices and follow your own directives for the present. There's a clue at home in a dry place by the front door. Look.

Leo: Time has told, and you'll be the hero of your next adventure, no question. But you'll have to assemble your forces, and a map leading to the treasure, and a helpful animal to keep you on the right path. Once you've got a little nosh for the road, you're good to go.

Virgo: It's hard to be the one who calls a shovel a shovel and rats out the secret of the emperor's new birthday suit. But you won't shrink from your duties, and you'll take some satisfaction from a job well and honestly completed. Relax over the weekend with a dance.

Libra: Take the initiative and run with it. Otherwise, they'll all sit around processing and nit picking 'til doomsday. Never mind that you're usually the one dragging behind and calling for consensus. There's a call to action, and you can hear it like tintinitis. Ring up an old friend.

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Scorpio: If it's a dance with the devil, which of you is which? Consider the situation from the other guy's point of view and you could get most of the way to solving your dilemma without any further effort. Let righteous indignation walk, you need to have room for forbearance.

Sagittarius: You're dizzy with the possibilities -- or are you just dizzy? It's a bit of both. Leave yourself room to daydream and time to miss your stop. Cancel dry occasions and settle for being the life of the party wherever you do end up. Send out for world peace and Chinese.

Capricorn: Sympathy goes farther when it's sincere. If you don't really mean it, keep your lips shut and move on quickly. You can always make excuses later -- if anyone notices your latest strategy. Swim upstream a little ways and you'll have a nice, quiet pool to yourself. Circulate.

Aquarius: You remember what it was like in school when they introduced a new concept. Well, get ready for some weird sideways stuff that will add up to the foundations of your next big life lesson. It won't be all nose-to-the-grindstone: there's a romantic component midweek.

Pisces: If you look to the breezes and the sunbeams to show you the way, you'll find that you have your sights set on a panorama you'd never dreamed existed so close to where you are this minute. Give your attention to nature -- all those worldly issues will resolve themselves.

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