May 10-16, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on May 10, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's a long and winding trail, no question. Yet you're receiving information faster than you can find a place to put it. You're on the brink of making emotional changes that will set you up for a brand-new, responsive paradigm. You're gearing up to rock out and take the first steps of your journey into authentic individuation. Yes, you'll meet someone cute, funny and hot before the weekend is out. What you choose to do about that will be entirely up to you.

Aries: You're still a contender. You've got game. You're in the zone. So why isn't your heart's desire getting any closer as you struggle for all you're worth? Could you diversify your holdings and branch out into mentoring and guiding the less able? Bring everyone with you.

Taurus: The world is a tricky, sticky place. It's filled with egotists who gum up the processes. It's got dreamers who scatter focused intents. It's got idealists who are inflexible to the point of brittleness. And none of these is practical enough to cut through the sludge—except you.

Gemini: Are you talking and you can't shut up? Just make sure that what you're saying can't be construed as a promise or any kind of legally binding verbal agreement. The dust will settle, your brain will simmer down, and all those flying pigs will come home to roost Sunday.

Cancer: Is it a sign of the times? Is it a sign of cosmic displeasure? Is it a sign that you have an overactive imagination? It could be any of these, or all of them concurrently. You're sensitive and there's a reason. Don't shut down your perceptions. Record them and review.

Leo: Let your actions do the talking and you'll be walking tall as you sort out the miasma and get on down to brass tacks. You wish the circus would pack up and let you get back to your real life; but right now this chaos and those shifting parameters are your real life. Reconsider.

Virgo: It's walking and talking like a duck, but that doesn't mean it's a duck. It could be a duck impersonator. Or a decoy. Or a lost toy. Keep your wits about you as you face down the myriad masks of the Eternal Trickster. There're prizes to be won for those who stay practical.

Libra: Give a big shout out to your peeps who are far away. You owe it to the extended clan to put the call out and make an effort to keep the home-fires burning till everyone can gather back around. As you reconnect, you'll find that edgy anxiety seeping quietly away. Release.

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Scorpio: It's not all that easy, but you wouldn't be interested if it were. That which was cloudy begins to assume a concrete form. If it's not what you want, you'll need to get out before the whole thing solidifies around you. Get information, seek advice, follow your heart.

Sagittarius: In the real world, serendipity doesn't happen all that often or change things so awfully much. Or so you've been taught to believe. If you need a miracle, shift your belief system to include the improbable and the impossible. If you can believe, it will come true.

Capricorn: You could fall in love all over again, if you had the spare time and/or any energy left to go with it. Is this an endurance test, like running across Australia with one leg tied behind your back? Is this an exercise in absurdity? Is this a test of your resilience? Maybe.

Aquarius: Give and take can be much the same when you don't really care what the outcome is just so long as the dialogue remains open. Be clear with yourself as to why you're not ready to make that larger commitment. Be clear with others about how you're deciding.

Pisces: Is this one of those times to keep your hands in your pockets and observe the look-but-don't-touch dictum? It very well could be. Find the truth in the inch-space of your heart. You need not share, but you'll want to know what you're up to with no varnish on it. Reveal.

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