May 17-23, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on May 17, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

05-17-07 Horoscope

Heavenly Round-Up: Look around you. Look, look, look -- but don't touch anything you don't want to pay for. This is a great time to familiarize yourself with everything: the good, the bad and the ugly. This is a good time to reflect on how the past adds up to the present and lays the ground work for the future. And it's a good time to reconnect with people, places and ideas that hold space in your psyche though little in daily life.

Aries: It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...not Superman! It's you, and you're coming to the rescue of your own life. Yes, you're on a collision course with the freight train of destiny -- or is it a streetcar named Desire? But you have the courage and strength and heroism to change!

Taurus: You're soft-shoeing your way through the ever increasing layers of information and data that stand between you and a peaceful resolution of these seasonal stresses. You've got grace and practice on your side, but don't get complacent. There's a change in tempo coming

Gemini: You're racing along like a sandpiper, skirting the edge of the incoming tide and making tracks for all you're worth. Like the Red Queen, you're convinced it's taking all you can do just to stay in place. Use your active imaginings to find a dialectical resolution Monday.

Cancer: Seeing yourself in the mirror that is your life, are you satisfied with the shape your life is in? If you're over-stimulated, go on a media diet. This may also reduce stress, enhance sleep patterns and cause you to communicate more clearly and succinctly. Take a new risk.

Leo: Are you in danger of falling into the soft snares and winsome toils of all that flattery? Oddly, you might have earned all the praise being heaped upon you. Overcome modesty to claim your belated due. Allow your radiance to be recognized; your brilliance burnished.

Virgo: There's still no place like home, right Dorothy? You've been solving problems the hard way, for the greater good of all. Is it your turn to get yourself home and comfortable and centered again? Take counsel from the wildest thing you can find. Wear texture Tuesday.

Libra: You're talking and you can't shut up. That's OK; some of your audience really does want to hear what you're contributing. Give yourself props for being interesting then stand down and share the podium with your peers. Keep looking for love in all the wrong places.

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Scorpio: Pull up your socks and pull yourself together. You have the resources, the network and the determination to turn sow's ears into silk purses. Could this be any more difficult? Once you get over how whiny you're feeling, dress for success and storm the citadel.

Sagittarius: If you'd just stop letting it all hang out so egregiously, you wouldn't be quite so certain of offending (or putting off, at the very least) all those with whom you've lately come in contact. You're better than your behavior demonstrates. You could, if you really wanted to.

Capricorn: Call it in the air, and stick to the decision made by chance and random choice. You could use the change of pace. You could use the fresh direction. You could use that spine of which you are so justly proud. Speak up, but don't act out. You'll see results on Saturday.

Aquarius: Nobody knows the trouble you've seen, but that's because you won't articulate what you've been going through without depersonalizing the experience to the point that it sounds more like philosophical discourse than soul-baring. Use the first person for better reception.

Pisces: Make plans to go somewhere with lots of water and plenty of time for you to be in it up to your ears. You need a long soaking, like a Boston fern. You need to refresh your soul and steep your heart in that which soothes. And you will, just as soon as the panic is over.

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