July 5-12, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 5, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Is it hot enough for you? No, not the external climate -- the nature of the weather on your insides. You've been called to account, admitted your errors and you're ready to get over it and get on with it. Will you get that chance? Will you have the richly deserved opportunity that represents a major break-through? Maybe. And maybe not. Maybe you'll need to be ready to climb in through the window if the door isn't still open. Wear crepe-soled shoes.

Aries: It's not exactly what you thought they were talking about, but in a sense this is the Summer of Love. Once you get over the anomie endemic to your preconceptions, you might relax and enjoy all the sights and sounds of this rare occurrence. Call that crony on Sunday.

Taurus: You've carried water up the road and down the road to make sure that everything would be copasetic by now. Happily, you'll be delighted to find that there was a source of running water over the ridge the whole time. Don't regret your effort: You've got muscles.

Gemini: Something's definitely fishy. You can't lay your finger on it, and you can only see it from the corner of your eye if you're focused on something else entirely. Let it be. It's partly your active imagination. Partly it's true. If you sit tight, you'll know which is which Monday.

Cancer: You want to take that big step. You're ready for the transition. Are you sure that your suit is airtight? Are you sure that you've got enough oxygen? What if you could breathe in what you think of as a vacuum? Is it worth taking the risk to find out? Go to the beach.

Leo: You're torn between your Utopian vision and the gritty truth of the real-time version. Life isn't usually as glorious as we like to paint it in the never-never. And some of the time, it's our own fault for not doing a deep background check, or letting others do the grunt work.

Virgo: Your dreams are growing like the beanstalk in that fairytale. Will you dare to climb the possibilities to their best-case-scenario? You have the skills, even if you don't have the belief system you'll require to support you past your base camp to that castle in the air. Use rope.

Libra: You could have been a contender, and still are. Can you admit that you're still in it, even if you don't like how the odds have shifted? Your get-up-and-go is right where you left it. If you'd put it away properly, you wouldn't be searching for your motivation every time.

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Scorpio: Blessed are the peacemakers, but not if they should get themselves caught in the crossfire. You might be part of the rescue team going in to help out a buddy who's way over-extended. Don't forget that you're not immune to the hazard: you're only fresh for the fight.

Sagittarius: Is this the wrong time to let persistence be your watchword? Is this the right time to throw up your hands and walk away with your dignity intact, even if you're life is more than a little frayed by the experience? Is it time to refocus and see the pony in the manure?

Capricorn: You're not asking the impossible -- it's just going to be very, very difficult. But you've got the chops. And you may have the timing if you can hold off on your big push for another little while. Let the penny drop before you let the games begin. Learn more Friday.

Aquarius: You're conflicted, but that's not news. What's news is that you see what your own contribution to the snarl-up may be. Once you can include yourself amongst the culpable, there's every chance that you'll find a solution that works well for everyone involved. Think.

Pisces: Is it a walk down memory lane, or is it déja vu all over again? Get your Yogi Berra on and make with the bon mots for your own edification and the enlightenment of others. You might be surprised at what you already know, if you can allow yourself to admit it. Sweep.

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