July 26-August 1, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 26, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: There's a brooding quality in the air. This is the calm before the other shoe drops, on both the micro and meta levels. You have lots of lost ground to recover. You have lots of fencing to mend. You have lots of fast talking and tap dancing to do to make good on all that might have been. Have you got the positional chops necessary to respond to reality? Are you committed to anything beyond getting your pound of flesh?

Aries: Watch out for the devil you know.... It would be all too easy to take this one for granted one too many times. Hold on to your lucky foot, hoof or sneaker. The game is afoot and you have what it takes to put together the string of clues and find the sneaky solution.

Taurus: You're as stubborn as you want to be, but you have all good reason. Some processes can't be hurried to anyone's advantage. Let go of false deadlines. Ignore outside pressures. You'll make the right choice in the stately array before you—but you won't do it this week.

Gemini: You're loaded for bear and raring to go. The weather works in your favor -- consider it a solid returned from the Ineffable. Keep your karmic records sparkling fresh with kindnesses sprinkled like Baco-Bits across the broader texture of the salad of your days. Wear patterns.

Cancer: You'd be more likely to believe your eyes if things would only happen in a palette you could contextualize. It's like waking up in color when you lay down in black and white. Don't surrender, Dorothy. Your ruby slippers are good for more than styling. Find your inner use.

Leo: You and the lilies of the field could compete for how appealing, and how otherwise not really employed in the matters most at hand. Feeling like tits on a bull? Use your awareness of duality, redundancy and superfluity to deepen your compassion for your loved ones.

Virgo: You've got a map, water, a compass and good sense. You'll do better than merely survive this round: you're going to take your capabilities right to the top of their expression. This is timing, hard work and innovation all coming into ineluctable confluence right now.

Libra: Dance like you mean it: it might be the most important thing you do all year. There's a rhythm in the universe, and if you can catch it you've got a wave under you that you could ride for years to come. Focus on the long view, but keep the foreground details in mind.

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Scorpio: Seeing is sometimes believing. Sometimes it's a challenge to explore, research and question. There's so much we want to have be true that we know better than to go with the inputs of our sensory receptors. At the same time, remember what you see is what you get.

Sagittarius: You know the way from here to eternity. You've had some inkling of the journey etched in your central cortex for eons. Now you're ready to take the first step. Now you're on the brink of going farther with your potential than you've ever been before. Bring a binky.

Capricorn: You've walked on the wild side. You've raged like a lion in the desert. You've announced your presence with authority. With the whole world groveling at your usually more modest feet, what do you plan to do with all that power? Bring the force into balance.

Aquarius: Look, but do touch as well. It's time for you to use a broader spectrum of your inborn tools to get the most information possible. Once you've built your data base, you'll find you're sitting in the catbird seat. Walk the talk like an old school cowboy on Saturday night.

Pisces: You're back from an inner odyssey stretching from there to back again. You've seen the sights, and hope that you can download the images—since everything's fuzzy in your memory. Send out for wisdom, but add a grain of salt to anything delivered promptly. Reflect.

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