October 18-24, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on October 18, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: Is it confusion under Heaven that's causing all this to and fro-ing? Is it the loss (or recovery) of our moral compasses that's giving our behaviors their erratic character? Is there any solution that doesn't require running around like a chicken with its head cut off searching for mislaid manifests, phantom e-mails and devious directives? Not really -- try to embrace the chaos, go with the flow and let that which disappears find its way back to the realm of conscious existence on its own clock. Cover for a friend.

Aries: You had no idea when you agreed to be a helper that it would take this much out of you. Now that you have a concrete sense of what's required, will you scale back your participation? Will you throw yourself in with renewed vigor? Will you ask a crony Tuesday?

Taurus: It's all in the wrist, or the elbow, or somewhere else. There's a technique in play and you're attempting to grasp that trick and turn it into the mainstay of your wardrobe of useful responses. But new things may require reviewing that which you already know. Regress.

Gemini: You're finicky, but only because you've never been clear on the alternative in this part of your life. Learn to see the wider spectrum of your choices. You don't have to choose differently, just understand that there's more for your consideration than you used to know.

Cancer: Wishes are tricky beasts. If they don't come back laden with your just desserts, one often doesn't recognize them at all. Own your desires, even if they take a funny shape -- or have peculiar behavioral tics -- on the physical plane. Acceptance breeds success, this time.

Leo: You could have been a contender, but then you saw what the other guy's training routine looked like. You have a lot of natural talent. You may not always apply yourself to the top of your bent, but you could put more heart into the effort and not have to drop out.

Virgo: You're being ground slowly, but exceedingly fine. This would be more pleasant if you were a faceted precious stone instead of a mere mortal caught between the upper and nether wheels of heaven. Pay attention to your tasks at hand. Keep your applications open.

Libra: What you think you want and what you can really live with may not fit into the same contiguous ven diagram space. Watch your wants carefully, they're restless and liable to burst forth without consequence for where they're going to fit in after the dust has settled.

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Scorpio: Peace has many characteristics. Some are more evident than others. In this case, you're looking to feel the equity of the situation, not the approval of others. You'll have to stick to your guns to get your message across. But if you're not moved, you'll overcome.

Sagittarius: You expected to find trouble. You didn't know into how many various packages it might fit itself. No worries, you're not the border police. If a difficulty slips under the radar, it behooves you to make the most of that much-vaunted gift with teams of useful others.

Capricorn: Is it foolish to vision paradise as an active paradigm? Is it idealistic to let your dreams write your goals for the year to come? Is it perverse to listen to the still, small voice within when all around you people are howling out random (often wrong) answers? Decide.

Aquarius: It might have been more complicated, but that would require that gremlins be real and that ghosts glide actively in the night. Not that they necessarily don't, you're ruling out ruling out the limitations of the plausible universe. Give yourself a houseplant for company.

Pisces: Serenity is the objective, but the way through is fraught with the kinds of challenges that might bring the Dalai into full temper tantrum mode. Cut yourself some slack, have the guy shave it thin, chill out whilst you find a charming, non-traditional solution in the dross.

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