by Carrie Megginson
Published on October 25, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: If only it were as simple as things that go bump in the night. But there's howling and sparks and brawling, too. All of it is entertaining, if a bit over the top, but there are limits to how far you want to get carried away by spirit of the season. Don't stint yourself, there's too much to which you've been looking forward for too long. Find your groove on Friday and hold on to that deep inner rhythm until the moon shifts phase once again.

Aries: You totally know the rules, but there's no way you're going to be caught dead coloring inside the lines for any of what will follow. Use your best judgment, and then ignore it in favor of letting your impulses carry you to your next adventure. Let go with your whole self.

Taurus: You can't help it, the mystery of the season has infected you -- and you're ready to delve into deep waters to get at the profound truths lurking there. Save some of that energy for getting the closets into some kind of winter-ready order. Emphasize your new status.

Gemini: You've been there, done that -- and even sat on the judging panel -- but you still can't wait to get out there and act like a kid again. Fine. Let go of your constructed self with everything you've got. There are no second chances in a universe filled with unique moments.

Cancer: You've got something up your sleeve, and it's more than the arm you usually carry there. Keep your little mysteries whilst there's any reason, but don't use this perspective shift to make your loved ones crazy with methodical withholding practices. There just isn't time.

Leo: You had a vision. You have a vision. You will have a vision. Are they all the same thing, revealed at different times? Are they discrete elements of your interior, being shown to you in quick succession? Only you can unravel the truth at the heart of your inner labyrinth. Dance.

Virgo: You know more than you're saying. You've seen more than you'll admit. And yet you're filled with wonder and anticipation, and all your jadedness can go sit in a drawer until you're too tired to enjoy yourself anymore. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Save some for you.

Libra: It's not a picnic, but no one represented to you that it would be. It's not a walk in the woods, but you brought heavier gear than that anyway. Sometimes your sense of what's required is better than spot-on. Give yourself a hand for good anticipation. Set new goals.

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Scorpio: Is it the holiday? Is it the season? Is it that you're getting more patina with every year that you add? It's hard to know -- but you're in top form and not going to put up with a lot of waffling. Decide how it's going to be, share with your adjutants and get while it's good.

Sagittarius: You've been filled with despicable longings for a while. Now it's time to get in touch with your inner good guy, and let your ethics out of the cellar. You're still playing to win, but you want a clean win -- and you want the respect of your peers and observers, too.

Capricorn: It's a whole new ball game, and not one you were expecting to have to play. But there they are, those pesky unintended consequences -- and collateral duties. Take a deep breath before you send yourself back down to the depths. Give yourself a little present.

Aquarius: You were holding out for ideals to be realized on earth. Now you would settle for some kind of closure and a chance to catch your breath. Cut yourself some slack. Find your way to your next great, life-changing idea. Bounce your findings off a trusted observer.

Pisces: You've got it like that, and you're not afraid to throw your entire array of resources at what matters most to you. But what will you do when the dust settles and your hands are empty? What will you use to replenish your store of mysteries? Find an inner wellhead.

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