November 15-21, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on November 15, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: You have options to go with your issues. You have choices to round out your dilemmas. You have ethical consciousness to guide you when you'd rather be playing on the X-Box. Stay alive to the requirements of being a participant in the game of life. Hold yourself answerable for the quality of commitment you bring to the table this cycle. You'll make interesting decisions, they'll have long-ranging effects, and you'll be more of a person for choosing the road you're on.

Aries: You could still have been a contender. It's not over 'til it's over, and it's definitely not over yet. Learn your lessons to the top of your bent. Give one hundred and ten percent. Let your dedication overcome petty objections. Let your light shine far and wide. Wear steel.

Taurus: It's not a short trip from where you are to where you want to be, but you've got the chops to set the pace and see the finish on a timeline that leaves you feeling satisfied. Don't allow yourself to be pressured by the itchy. You'll be there at the right time and condition.

Gemini: All that you've seen and all that you've survived so far may not prepare you for what comes next. Your life is taking on depth and richness of texture that were unimaginable only a short time ago. So dive into the colors, flavors and conditions of all that is before you.

Cancer: You're over focused on one or two inconsequentials in order not to have to take into account the big picture. Bring your focus up and out. Do yourself a favor and spend some time getting to know the relevant topographies. It's simpler and more complex than imagined.

Leo: Sitting still has the great advantage of being easy on the hair and the skeletal system. At the same time, you're hard to differentiate from the art around you when you're that static. Choose to act. Choose to make a difference. Choose to stand up and be counted Wednesday.

Virgo: You've seen it all, and you're not surprised by much these days. And yet, here comes something out of left field, and it's headed straight for the wall. What are you going to do? Stay light on your feet. Keep your eyes on the ball. Listen for cues from the crowds. Go wild.

Libra: You could go as far as you've dreamed. You could see the vision made life. You could sleep in if you lose your other motivators. It may be time to review that which drives you, and see if it's still current. If it is, dust it off and shine it over. If not, find a new reason to be.

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Scorpio: It's not like you can be surprised. So why are you standing there with your mouth hanging open? It's late in the season for catching flies. Pick up your teeth and get on with creating a life to go with the wholly unexpected. How simple it can be to switch gears!

Sagittarius: It's as big as it was, but not getting any bigger -- thank goodness. You're ready to take on the challenge and prove yourself more than equal to the accomplishment. You've got a good support team and enough information. What are you waiting for? Christmas is near.

Capricorn: Is it hype if it all turns out to be true and now? Is it all for show if it's about the work, dedication and commitment for change? Is it easier to write it all off, since then you don't have to get involved? Give meaningfully and you'll see that there's more to receive.

Aquarius: You could still be all that and a bag of chips. You've got what you came for, and you're in no-wise ready to be pushed out the door. So hunker down for a long siege. Use your experience to make the time more useful, valuable and otherwise productive. Sing.

Pisces: Why can't you have what you want, as you want it, on the timeline that best meets your perceived needs? Why can't it be simple, for once? Because you're better at waiting, knowing and understanding the limits of the ineffable. Use your perceptions to see the truth.

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