February 14-20, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 14, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: It's a long, long trail a-windin', and sometimes it seems to be twisting back on itself, so that you're going forward by retracing your steps -- only an octave off. Embrace this unusual sensation. Remember this confusing time. There are seeds being planted here and now that will bear strange fruit, and over a timespan so attenuated that its roots will be all but lost by the time you hit the harvest part of the cycle. Give yourself the gift of patience. A rose for your thoughts?

Aries: You're not intimidated, though no one thought you were. You're not cowed, though there's nothing to frighten that anyone else can see. Are you spooking yourself with scary stories at bedtime? Layoff the late-night snacks. Layoff the fanciful plots. Lay on good sense.

Taurus: Are you there yet? You've worked long and hard to make the primary objectives sing out with a will and in key. Practice is helpful. Support is indispensable. Don't forget to thank all the little people, before they become cranky and take back the gifts. Share with a stranger.

Gemini: Give it the old college try. What? You dropped out? Well, that may be your version of a best effort -- because you realized in time what wasn't right for you and got out whilst the getting was good. Walking away from what doesn't work is difficult, brave and -- yes -- good.

Cancer: It's an up and down sort of a time. You're doing better in some areas, but you're still not so hot in others. Consider your support systems separately. You have needs that aren't being filled. What can bring you back up to 100 percent? Which of your cronies will listen clearly?

Leo: It's not the temperature, it's the time. Don't confuse your limiting factors when you try to sort out what's got you by the short-and-curlies and what your realistic options for solving your dilemma could be. Don't be in a hurry. There are no short-cuts here, only work and joy.

Virgo: Where have you been hiding yourself? And what did you learn while you were out of circulation? Everyone is abuzz. Take advantage of the interest to share what matters and to get the rest of the word out. You don't have to be shy; this has the hallmarks of a winner.

Libra: It isn't what you signed on for, but it turns out to be close enough as makes no nevermind. Don't think of it as settling. You're adjusting your expectations to meet the exigencies of reality. Be proud of yourself for your newfound flexibility. Don't spend too much shopping.

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Scorpio: You're walking the talk, and you're proud of yourself. Are you the only one who knows how brightly you've been teaching your light to shine? You may be on some kind of delay in getting the press releases posted, but that doesn't make your accomplishments less.

Sagittarius: It's not a bird. It's not a plane. It's your freedom soaring overhead while you labor away in the pits to make your happily ever after come true. Be careful. Don't sell yourself short or any other form of cheaply. You've got what it takes, and you're ready to go.

Capricorn: Look for the silver lining. Precious metals are still trading up. You could scrape that micron of silver off the condensate, but things aren't that desperate. Enjoy the cloud and the lining, both. Then get re-centered with your Zen self and a path will reveal itself to you.

Aquarius: Simplicity is easy to say, and hard to enact. What can you do to be simplifying? Re-examine your assumptions. Reconsider your connectivity. Remap your flow charts. There's every possibility you could locate an amazing means of reorganizing to win accolades. Work.

Pisces: You didn't want to take the easy path. And you haven't. But are you satisfied with what you've achieved so far? Is this what you really want? Or is it something you've gotten into the habit of doing? Yes, it's complicated but that doesn't change the actual truth, right?

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