February 21-27, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 21, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: Don't come up too fast, or you'll get the bends. Let the nitrogen rebalance in your bloodstream first. You've been down in the depths for quite a while now. The sights were lovely, and hard to interpret. The life-forms were diversely well-adapted to their chosen environments. While you can't live there, you can learn from your visit. You can make yourself more able to live successfully in your chosen environment. Set your sights on evolution. Once you've stepped back into the ring, make sure your crew has your back.

Aries: You're looking, but you're not sure what you're seeing. There's something so unusual in your line of vision that it's got you distracted. What if you open your ears to this new wonder? What might you hear to your advantage? You don't have to believe in unicorns now.

Taurus: It might have started as a penalty or a punishment, but it's become routine, and one of which you're rightfully proud. You have the discipline to see this through. You have the focus to make it the best of all possible solutions. You're good to go, and so's the initiative.

Gemini: Your head might be screwed on nice and tight, but you could adjust some of the other features in your receptors to get the most out of those sensory inputs. Actually, you're not a robot yet. You may need to take a deep breath to remind yourself. Go for warm blood.

Cancer: Is it a sign of the times? Are there omens all around us, waiting to be noticed to bring untold futures into manifestation? Sure. That's one way to look at it. Happily there is no one right answer. You can have what you want if you're brave enough to reach out and grab.

Leo: You weren't wrong before. And you're not invincibly right now. Misunderstood? These things will happen. Don't hold a grudge. It was an accident. Now you can get on with being Wonderful all over again. You've got the technology to forge ahead and break new ground.

Virgo: You're doing just fine, and all those necessary elements will fall, swirl or tumble out right into place. Act like the conductor, and you'll be accorded the status you need to cut through the crap and get the show on the road. The delay reveals a better option ahead.

Libra: It's a sensation at the back of your head, as though someone were watching you. In fact, you're watching yourself. But you're not the only observer. So make sure you're camera ready and you'll be pleased with what happens next. An old crony reconnects on Saturday.

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Scorpio: It might not be exactly what you want, but it will do for now. Don't let on that you 'get' the logic behind the restriction. You have that diva reputation to uphold, and you wouldn't want to disappoint your fan club. Or would you? Make a fresh start on Friday.

Sagittarius: You haven't been singled out. Rather, you've been included in the fun and games. Will you join with a whole heart, or will you keep yourself sidelined? You already know whether or not you're fit to get back in the game. Will you let yourself be persuaded?

Capricorn: It's partly who you know that could be your best resource. Equally, it's also what you're prepared to understand from the other side of the negotiating fence. Use your ability to backburner your own wants in order to find out what the larger picture requires. Meditate.

Aquarius: If you could have it all your own way, you'd be dictator in an emerging economy. You don't, and you can't -- so you must still be just folks. That's all to the good, but you have charisma to burn. So try pushing for more than what the mere mortals settle for. You can win.

Pisces: You're ready to accept the challenge. Is the challenge ready for you? Timing isn't everything, but it could be the majority portion. Watch the portents carefully. You'll know when to jump into the cosmic spin of things in order to come out holding Spring in your hands.

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