August 14-20, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 14, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: We may not serve our own best interests by chasing after the ideals of our desire nature. Equally, we may not serve our own best interests by denying our desire nature. Matters of timing and priority factor in the equation. Use your intuition and imagination to squeeze your way through this dilemma. Wonder and ponder at leisure. Don't hurry into any decision for or against. While mulling things over, try multitasking: Clean out the closet or sort the linens. Call Wednesday.

Aries: Is it still your turn to be in charge of naming and responding to the ongoing situation? Are you still Chief Information Officer and Bottle Washer? Was this your intent going in? When will you call it a day? When will you develop a viable exit strategy? Ditch your pride.

Taurus: Confirmation of your many graces stares you in the face wherever you go. Why can't you hear what everyone is saying about you? Reframe your perspective in order to give a cohesive shape to your goals. Trust in the vision that others share back to you. Go farther.

Gemini: It isn't so much fate as it is probability. You can easily buck the odds. You can readily play through and recover much with your legendary dexterity. It's up to you to choose focus over destiny. Since you have free will, spread the good word around: Tell a Capricorn about it.

Cancer: It's like when you were a kid, remember? The dynamic has the same structure and everything. Or does it? You're throwing your experiential framework on an independently created context. Sit back and meditate your way through your attachments to nostalgia.

Leo: Sincerity is one of your specialties. You have both the charm and the charisma to spare. So why are you second guessing yourself so hard? It's not like you to doubt your own ability. How much more important is this question than so many others you've already asked?

Virgo: You're more than ready to get the ball rolling. It may be a case of ''better late than never,'' but it oughtn't be postponed any longer. Get down to brass tacks and bring all the game you can muster. This round is for keeps; and your reputation may be riding on it.

Libra: Take a hard look at your commitments and what kinds of time constraints are already in play. Wanting is not as viable a choice directive as actual availability, n'est-ce pas? Work yourself like six demons while you're so distracted internally. You won't even notice.

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Scorpio: You had no idea they cared. Aren't you funny? Of course you're not as invisible as you imagine, and it's never anything but a surprise when others bring this unavoidably to your attention. Continue to let your life speak, and you'll do the hometown folks so proud.

Sagittarius: Is it a crisis of confidence or one of accomplishment? You didn't have to hang around blowing your margin for error. But you like working without a net. So get on with what needs doing, and have a blast working to deadline. You've got what it takes to do it.

Capricorn: No one needed you to be perfect. No one expected you to succeed to the degree you have. No one counted on your monumental responsiveness to a situation not of your making. You're really all that and then some. Now, stop resting on your laurels and be happy.

Aquarius: The divide between what you want and what you need has rarely seemed so wide. How will you resolve your issue? You could wait it out. Inertia is effective, though time consuming. You could drop the bomb tomorrow and force the matter. What will you do?

Pisces: You could dance more gracefully if you believed in the efficacy of the movements. Really, they work. You'll bring your entire life into sharp focus and actualized potential if you can only forgive your own flaws and believe in your own inner seed of natural perfection.

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