August 21-27, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 21, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Those lazy, carefree, wholly mythical days of summer draw to a close. Will they be replaced by the mindless scurrying of autumn's unseemly haste? Will you choose resentment of your obligations instead? No single season lasts forever, in nature or in the human heart. Take an internal inventory. Assess your assets. Weigh your liabilities. They both have value when you're bottom-lining the now with an eye toward the future. Practice what you preach, or keep your mouth shut and leave it in other hands.

Aries: If you're just getting by, it's a subsistence living for which you've settled. If you're coasting, you'll like that better, but you're drifting without a goal that you desire. What do you really want? What applecart would you be prepared to upset getting there? Think again.

Taurus: Resplendent in the robes of your recent success, you're not motivated to go above and beyond your duties in the fracas forming near you. Clean hands may hide a multitude of things left undone. Can you step up to the plate with any kind of a will? Reflect on Saturday.

Gemini: You can do anything you want to. You can refuse to do anything you don't. You have as many choices as you have the will to make them. But you still don't feel like you have the knowledge or the cover to get from here to there. Will procrastination change anything?

Cancer: Peace comes at a price. Vision, understanding and action may cost more in the short term, but they're value positions in the long run. Your dreams provide the clue to your next big move through the world of your ever self-creating soul. Use the advantage Wednesday.

Leo: You've got a community and you know how to let it appreciate you. You know how to get the word out. You know which way the wind blows and how to make the sailboat go thereby. Can you put the full package together? Will it get you what and where you want?

Virgo: The ley lines have shifted. You can feel a new power coursing through you. You could choose anything and make it your possible future. You'll have to let go of those so-called limitations dogging you this last year. You'll have to presuppose and deliver a sound victory.

Libra: What would it be worth to you? Can you put up with the cross-examination? Can you have logic questioned until it's nonsense? Can you delve below the pleasant surface and bring up the truth in your teeth from the murkiest bottom? You have the skills, what about will?

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Scorpio: It's not your problem in any literal sense of the word. But you're compassionate -- when you have the time -- and this is like that. If you jump in, you may find the water's deeper than you could have imagined. You may find the environment suits you magnificently. Invest.

Sagittarius: Walking away with the prize is no bad thing from time to time. It may be your turn. Give yourself a pat on the back. Then remember -- out loud -- all the people who made it possible for you to get from there to here. It takes a village to do all kinds of things.

Capricorn: You have a good head on your shoulders. You have a spine holding you upright. You have sense in spades. Why do you still hesitate? It's yours for the taking, albeit a little wreathed in ignominy at this point. So it's tarnished, polish it. Stained? Wash it all away!

Aquarius: Look for the silver lining. Don't splurge: Invest the windfall of this unexpected bonus. Be cautious, but think small cap all the same. Show your maneuverability in the field. Share your drop of insight with someone insignificant. You may have a thorn to pull later.

Pisces: Simplicity is the breath of life and a luxury out of your price range just now. You can boldly go wherever you want. You can do whatever needs doing. But you don't have to like it. Funny, they're your choices and they aren't forced (unless you did the forcing). Reboot?

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