September 11-17, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 11, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Is that a light at the end of the tunnel? Is that a break in the clouds? Is that a respite in the midst of turbulence? It is. Since you needn't keep running around like your head is on fire, what productive detailing can you knock out? To whom will you turn for advice? Go for older and/or wiser to get the best input. Don't be afraid of your inner quality freak: If you don't ask, you won't get it.

Aries: You can't help it if your dreams are more real to you than reality. It's not your fault if your truly vivid inner life takes precedence over gray-toned reality. Could you try to bring your daily life more in line with your ideals and visions? Are you brave enough to even try?

Taurus: This could be a culmination. This could be a peak from which to plan and move forward boldly. This could be all that and a bag of chips. Your enhanced common sense takes you beyond the realm of the mundane and into the stellar with almost no effort. Wear blue.

Gemini: You took your turn. You did okay. It was nothing to write home about. Will you brood? Will you pout? Will you look back in petulance? Will you pull your socks up and get on with moving forward in your life? You can do anything you want, but you'll have to make a choice.

Cancer: Opposites attract, but can they stay together through hell or high water? You'll have a chance to make a decision there. If I were you, I would listen to my heart and let the realities fall where they may. Seek a Virgo if you need someone to tell it like it ought to be.

Leo: Potential is your middle name. So why have you put blinders on? There's so much out there still to be understood and assimilated. You're as ready as you're ever likely to be, but you'll have to be brave and strike out on your own if you want to get from here to there.

Virgo: You've still got it like that, and the whole world is watching in admiration. You're still tops in your field, and there are very few who wouldn't acknowledge the justice in that statement. So quit fretting and get on with what comes next. Plan to succeed spectacularly.

Libra: You're settling in, but not in the manner you'd anticipated. You're ready for the next step, but you're still a little disoriented. What will you choose for your compass? Who can you trust with your secret? Where will you go to clear your mind for your next triumph of the will?

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Scorpio: Destiny wears big boots, but has a delicate step. You could tag along behind. You could serve as path-finder. You could work the flank. But you might wish to consider walking hand-in-hand with this kinder, gentler fate you've acquired. Call a Capricorn to get the truth.

Sagittarius: You've seen it all. You've been there and done that. You've even been a guest judge. Yet you long for the fresh and surprising. You hope for the novel and engaging. Can you bear with reality a little longer in order to reap the rewards which are justly yours now?

Capricorn: Everything is getting big -- and at an appalling rate. If you can't control the momentum of this thing, can you go along for the ride? It's a bit like surfing a tsunami, but you have the chops and the chutzpah to make a go of it. Take a break with a Libra soon.

Aquarius: You're not the one they were looking for. Is it personal or something else? Don't be hasty drawing conclusions: Hidden matter might make it all work out for the best if you can resist interfering from the fifth column. Let your life speak for you, all will be well.

Pisces: Sensitivity is at a premium. You have too much, and the rest of the world is stomping around in jackboots and leaving lug-soled prints on your delicate neck. Should you toughen up? Should you go limp and resist passively? Only you can decide for you. Dance on Friday.

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