November 6-12, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on November 6, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: What a long, strange trip it will have been -- but that's after lots of hindsight. In the meantime, there's all kinds of rushing around and shaking things up and getting 'er done. Start with idealism, and lots of it. Add experiential grounding and temper the whole with plenty of faith and readiness to pitch in. Now you might be on the right road to making the most of what is as flawed as it is inevitable. Give peace a chance on Saturday night.

Aries: You came, you saw, you wanted to know if you could get it in another color. You won't have buyer's remorse if you can remember to stay picky. Look for the tiny flaws which might develop into gaping chasms. Look for the quality of crafting, both top and bottom. Listen on Sunday.

Taurus: It's not your fault, there was nothing particular you might have done, or done differently, or refrained from doing to change the essential nature of what occurred. You're still pulling your weight, but you might have a different trajectory from here on out. Cry with Pisces.

Gemini: How can you keep from singing? You may not have it the way you want it this second. You may not have it with bells on. You may not have it in pristine condition. But you still have breath in your body and all your systems are go. So celebrate your reality based ascendancy with gusto.

Cancer: Look around in wonder. Keep your spirits up with soul-searching conversations, long walks and reasonable dining expectations. It wasn't a miracle that got you where you are today. But it might take a miracle to keep you from moving forward. Trust in your vision unreservedly.

Leo: Whom the Gods would support, first they overburden. You don't have to sink under the weight of your pre-existing commitments, but you might if you don't get rid of the excess baggage you've been toting around. Let go of the garbage, and you'll find you have wings with which to fly.

Virgo: Sing in the beautiful voice with which you've been gifted. Dance with the wonderful body in which you are housed. Pray with the marvelous soul imbuing you with light at every turn. There's so much for which you need to be thankful. Use your graciousness on Friday.

Libra: It could be more fun, but you don't remember what's missing. Your partial amnesia keeps you cheerful and active. Do you really want to rub your own nose in all that might be less than perfect? Do you really want to concentrate on what can't be helped or mended in reality?

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Scorpio: Funny how loudly some things cry out, although they have no voice. Use your special skills of discernment to determine your next (and best of all possible) courses of action. You can still be anything you like, but you'll have to admit you'd really like it if you got it.

Sagittarius: Throw yourself into your inspiration with all the innocence and enthusiasm you can muster. It might not be perfect from the get-go, but you can run sweep on the thing once it's up and running. Stop procrastinating and start producing; you won't be the only one to notice.

Capricorn: Since when is the whole of existence all about you? Obviously, there have been some stumbling blocks, but they were nothing beyond your range of coping. If it were easy, you would be even less satisfied. Let go of desire for perfection. Concentrate on being present.

Aquarius: If you could turn the dial to 11, the message might come in a little more loudly and clearly. Really, you have the tools at hand to run the assessment necessary to evaluate and proceed with all due alacrity. It's time to get off your thumbs and get on with the future.

Pisces: It's a beautiful day somewhere in the world. It's a perfect moment in lives everywhere. It's a peerless point in the continuum of time and space-and an irreplaceable one at that. Jump into the joy and splash around a little. Your dreams will provide practical guidance.

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