November 20-26, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on November 20, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Once upon a time, you were ready to get deep into the nitty gritty and do your damnedest to see justice and mercy applied equally. When did everything get so out of sync with your intentions? When did you lose control of your own perspective? When did you decide the whole world was at fault, and you blameless? If you look within, will you be shocked into catatonia by what you find? Will you be lost in the buried wonders of your psyche? Decide.

Aries: It's not on you to handle every last little thing. But it's also not your business to decide to let it all swing in the breeze and the devil take the hindermost. You're much more capable than your average bear. Could you also become more compassionate? Consult Capricorn.

Taurus: You've got a grip on things; but they have a hammerlock on you. Will you wrestle your conscience to the ground and shake it like a terrier with a fresh rat? Will you moo obsequies in desolation? You have more choices, and more backbone than that. Listen carefully.

Gemini: Get your hands dirty. Throw yourself into your necessary endeavors with good grace and lots of humor. You can't make others do it, or refrain from doing; but you can set a damned good example. At the end of the day, you know you want to. Try again.

Cancer: Simplicity has its merits, but you've been complicating an already complicated situation. Now you're the proverbial kitten in the archetypal snarl of yarn. Use your claws to slash your way free from the illusion of trapped powerlessness. Offense is the best defense.

Leo: What you desire may be out of reach. What fulfills you may be more illusory than a mirage in the desert. Free your heart of extraneous, outmoded, ego-driven matter. Soon you'll see a shining, single path that may lead to great victory. Rejoice with an Aries.

Virgo: Certainly it's not your baby. But you agreed to look after things whilst those responsible were away. Now it's lots more than you signed up for and there's all manner of waste matter interacting with the fan. Face the music, win accolades and respect. Spend a penny.

Libra: Cynicism may be warranted, but that doesn't make it attractive-and it doesn't go with your dimples at all. Let go and let the powers that be have their turn at running the show. Once you don't have to judge it, you may be able to enjoy it (just a little). Engage.

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Scorpio: It's probably not your turn anymore, but you haven't finished what you started and you hardly ever back away when you've promised to stay put. Let your determination have free rein and you'll see rewards even you never anticipated. Wear white shoes.

Sagittarius: There's a gaping chasm at your feet where the floor used to be. Will you take the dare? You could rappel down into the chthonic unknown. You could leap heroically across. Or you could stand there whining and whimpering. Choose again on Saturday.

Capricorn: Sincerity will take you further than you'd imagined. Complacency will betray you at every turn. If you're not ready to change, the world will mutate beyond recognition all around you. If you can lean into the future with abandon, you'll be rewarded. Reboot.

Aquarius: Heaven helps those who lend a hand to smooth the narrow path for the less able. This is your chance to show what you're made of and to prove your mettle. Don't rest on your laurels, you have too much to do to make your gratitude plain. Give thanks.

Pisces: You came, you saw, you sat down to consider at length. You still haven't made up your heart, but you have a good idea of what's at stake and who might be a valuable resource. Plug in those missing links by asking around freely. You'll know the truth by Monday.

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