March 12-18, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 12, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: ''It is what it is'' -- easy to say, so you wouldn't have to stop and look and listen and act and react. Just shrug your shoulders and wander off. Simple, yes. The best of all possible analyses and responses, no. Yeah, it's been a long, strange trip. Yeah, it's not getting anything but tougher up front. Has it occurred to you that you've been developing the skills to make the most of surviving these interesting times? Could you share your inner wealth?

Aries: Decision is easy. Waiting on the evidence and taking time to understand it is much more difficult. There have been hold ups. There have been screw-ups. There have been entire comedies of errors. Get down to brass tacks, but take someone worthy with you. Exhale.

Taurus: Time and tide have been riding your ass like rented burros up and down the edges of the Grand Canyon. The pressure has been enormous. But under such pressure, systems are developed and refined. Expectations are heightened, or adjusted for reality. Act.

Gemini: You used to want to so badly. But now you better understand the price you would have to pay to have it your way. You can back away gracefully. It might be to your advantage. You could also reframe your condition and your conditions to better interface with reality.

Cancer: You have allies where you least expect them and thought you didn't want them. You have choices you hoped you would never have to make. You have a do-list which challenges your ethical structure and your moral beliefs. You're ready for you close up: Smile!

Leo: If you had known what scaling this particular wall might involve, would you have trained harder? Would you have strategized more thoroughly? Would you have chosen a different path? It's too late to back out, but it's not too late to forgive yourself for the challenge. Sum up.

Virgo: Stop beating yourself up. You did what you could with what you had. You've been starved for resources and shorted of assistance and commanded to cut down the forest with a herring. It's not fair, but it does teach you lots about personal courage and perseverance.

Libra: You want to in the worst way. You want not to so that the boat stays un-rocked. You could make up your mind in a hurry and repent at leisure. You could sit on the fence until you grew moss on your backside. It's more about conduct than it is outcomes.

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Scorpio: Is it destiny? Is it coincidence? Is it worth thinking about to the nth degree? Go with the flow until you find the point of blockage, then worm your way through and lead everyone on to victory. The spurt of generosity will serve you in times to come.

Sagittarius: Once you were stainless and shining. Once you were peerless and heroic. Once you were perfect in your stasis. Now you're smirched, tired and busy. Would you give it up and go back? Bravery is magnified by humble circumstances. Give without strings.

Capricorn: Desire wears more masks than an entire carnival parade. You run into yours and you're both incognito. What are you hiding from? The future is different, but not really worse, than right now. Gird up your loins, buckle your seatbelt, and batten your hatches.

Aquarius: You've seen it all--or so you used to think. You know everyone worth knowing, but you've met a lot of interesting people just lately. You're where you want to be, but you have a wander-lust that can't be tamed. How will you adjust your preconceptions?

Pisces: Your dreams kick into high gear and you almost don't want to wake up. Yes, it's exciting in your heart of hearts. Yes, the drama is contained like a play performed only for you by you. Yes, the information is valuable. But you still have to wake up and live!

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