April 30-May 6, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on April 30, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: If discontent were divine, we'd all die of ecstasy. But that's not the likeliest scenario. There's an itch, emanating from the cosmos, that we can't find with the cute little bamboo back-scratcher. There's a big-picture scenario full of necessities and obligations and acquisitions, but we'd rather spend our time in a collective pout so that there's little fun to be had. Don't stiffen your upper lip; buy yourself some flowers. Don't pull your socks up; get fancy hosiery instead.

Aries: If you're inspired, don't hold back. If you're tempted, don't wait for a second invitation. If you're overwhelmed, charge instead of retreating. There's all manner of ''more'' staged and ready to go when you are. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt on Saturday.

Taurus: You're doing marvelously well getting those bricks made without any straw on hand. You're a real trouper, showing folks what can be done with what's in stock. You're unconsciously contributing to the downfall of the whole, but only for the greater good. Celebrate.

Gemini: Anyone walking a mile in your fanciful footgear would perceive the root of your complaints. But they might also wonder how it was that you chose the path you're on, the gear you're using to get you from A to B, and your curious determination to do it the hard way. Reflect.

Cancer: You didn't ask for it, but you didn't say ''no'' when it was being handed round. Will you stay for the denouement and the finale? Will you leave early and avoid the congestion of departure? Will you make a daring escape in front of so many witnesses? Prepare.

Leo: You are as you are, and that's all you are. You share that trait with Yahweh and Popeye. In such good company, you don't need to apologize for your nature or your actions. But you may wish to remember how powerful you really are, and what you might be doing otherwise.

Virgo: Temptation takes many forms. Sometimes it isn't houris in Paradise. Sometimes it's the temptation to tear at and tear down whatever you can reach. Monitor your motivations and your actions alike. It's easier to complain than it is to be proactive. Seek counsel from a Capricorn.

Libra: Having been there and done that, you're not exactly in the mood to show others how it's done. In fact, you'd as soon forget and get on with the rest of your life. But compassion and connectivity call out to you. You have a duty to the collective unconscious -- will you serve?

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Scorpio: Sense and sensibility are all at the forefront of your perceptions. Are you being overly touchy, or ruthlessly realistic? You can survive anything graciously, but should you have to? And if you do, will you bring others along, or leave them in the mire? Consider.

Sagittarius: At least it's not really all about you. You may serve as the goat to which the sins are tied, but they're not your sins. You may be thrown over the cliff, but it's ceremonial and not personal. Is that comfort enough? If not, disguise yourself and make an escape.

Capricorn: It's not your own hair you're wanting to tear out. It's not your own life you're wanting to see remade. It's not your own choices you're finding impossible to live with. But you're there with a big, red arrow and you can't pretend you arrived by accident, can you?

Aquarius: Call 'em like you see 'em. But don't do it where others will overhear. Your analysis is factual, in one sense; and profoundly self-serving in another. If you expose your thinking to the world, you'll have more than one set of unintended consequences to wrestle with.

Pisces: It's hard to know you're not measuring up. It's hard to feel that you haven't made the best choices. It's hard to find no peace, even in your own heart. Sure, this won't last forever, but it certainly feels like it might. Take a break, smell the flowers, dance in the moonlight.

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