January 14-20, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 14, 2010, 2:19am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Is the burden crushing? The workload staggering? The structure straining? You're overwhelmed by responsibilities you willingly assumed. You're determined to change the world to meet your standards -- whether the world wants your reality or not. Only know that as you are bound so is everyone. We're all in it alone. Yet, this isolation is self-created and self-perpetuated. Find the nerve or the sense to reach out and you will discover help, support and approbation around every corner. You are the solution to all your problems.

Aries: Lest you be confused, let me spell it out: Identify the issues, consult with your cronies and experts, and resolve to go with the flow toward completeness. It is too that easy. While it may be fashionable to whine about fairness, you could be happy as a clam if you chose.

Taurus: Is that a do-list in your pocket, or are you just happy to be so busy? Really, there's a certain quiet triumph in knowing how best to occupy yourself and getting the most from the time you have. So go ahead and be that winner, over and over. Ask again on Saturday.

Gemini: Still following the classic look-but-don't-touch dictum of childhood? You're setting yourself at a disadvantage. You have a special relationship with your fingers and your tactile sense is one of your most reliable. Bring imagination to the table and wow them all.

Cancer: Consider the lilies of the field. Working like that won't make you prettier or even your best self. It may bring you enough exhaustion that you can sleep, but a clear heart would do that and with much less daily stress intrinsic in the formula. Rework your vision.

Leo: You've taken the lead, but it's rather like being out in front of the juggernaut as the ground begins to slope downward. Can you keep the pace up? Can you survive it? Can you concurrently evaluate your direction and aspirations? Keep company Sunday afternoon.

Virgo: Define busy. Yeah, it's a bear right now -- but not in a bad way. You have all your regular obligations, plus the wonderful stuff you're allowing your own self to enjoy at long last. If you were a bird, what kind of bird would you be? This answers lots of questions.

Libra: You're not getting any younger, but that doesn't mean you have to become a world-class, grand-master fuddy-duddy. So let go of your grievances and your petty plots. It's time to rejuvenate with fresh application to longstanding conundrums. Wear neon shades to shine.

Scorpio: Now you're starting all over again in that endless cycle so popular with you regenerative phoenix/starfish types. Is it because you're magically advanced, or unbelievably primitive that you are able to do this time and again? Probably both. Keep your package safe.

Sagittarius: You walk the earth as a hero in search of deeds of daring do. You pace the length and breadth of the world tracking adventure. But you could find all this in your own backyard, just like that slippery Blue Bird of Happiness. So head home and take a look around!

Capricorn: You're not inherently petty. This is probably just a phase you're going through. It's also a phase likely to last another decade at least. You might wish to consider whether you want to ''be like this'' for the whole of the cycle or not. Ask a Pisces for compassion.

Aquarius: Listen to yourself for a minute. It's not all about whether you're right or wrong so much as it is about whether you can humanize yourself and the situation enough to find the win-win in it. You'll have fresh perspective after Monday. Hold onto that little secret.

Pisces: Once upon a time you were the bee's knees. Now you're feeling a little faded and worn around the edges. Fine. However this is the beginning of a beautiful year for you. Find the good and cherish it and watch it flourish under your ministrations and attentions.

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