March 11-17, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 10, 2010, 11:55pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Is it the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end? When a soul gets old enough, does it get to start over if it hasn't achieved satori (the bliss of enlightenment removing one from the wheel of being)? We stand at the crossroads with a view of the path our journey has taken so far--and a view of all the possible paths before us. Choose intentionally with a wisdom-optional focus. Intuition dictates that risk, or playfulness or mystery or connection may be the determiner.

Aries: Let your inner hero take a vacation while you get in touch with your inner good-sense. A number of tasks on your do-list are time sensitive and will not wait while you conquer and triumph. Just because it hurts doesn't make you braver for putting up with the pain.

Taurus: Look with fresh eyes. Listen with open ears. Reach out with delicacy. Something you've long taken for granted has made a Protean shift, becoming utterly other. Something close to you has changed its trajectory (and yours) in the instant between two heartbeats. Lift.

Gemini: You are as you have been, but the world will not remain static to please your sense of complacency. Will you rail against the Fates? Will you challenge your doom? Will you walk with awareness and honesty into a new world? Don't use logic to get where you're going.

Cancer: Apply yourself with no thought of the benefits to come. The benefits are already clustered in the here and now. Work towards the present; the future can take care of itself. Set yourself wholly in the moment and you will find you're in the right place at the right time.

Leo: Moral complexity is what it is. No, it's not all good; to say as much is to tell yourself an unforgivable untruth. At the same time, you can't know the eventual outcomes or all the circumstances constraining the contexts. Let your heart show you the way home Monday.

Virgo: Drape a veil over the mirror if you can't stand the reflection of your own unrealized desires. But don't walk away from your dreams because you couldn't bring them to perfection last time around. You have a ways to go and resources you have not yet begun to tap. Reveal.

Libra: You can't know yourself wholly, even if logic and the philosophers say differently. It would be like a surgeon operating on herself. Get perspective by stepping away to take a new look at an old vista. You may find the terrain has shifted. You may find a new road to travel.

Scorpio: It wasn't the wind, or a little bird, that told you so. But now you know down to your toes and you're both reassured and repositioned in your attitude. Get ready to put that knowledge to work. There's so much yet to be done. Happily, you're the one to take it on.

Sagittarius: You've been here before, and you've done these same tasks in other milieu. So why aren't you bored this time around? Why doesn't it seem like the same tired hamster wheel? Could it be your extended understanding? Could it be a brief fling with maturity?

Capricorn: Now is the winter of your discontent melted off in favor a fabulous fresh beginning! You have the tools at hand. You have the materials you require. You have the skills--even if they have become rusty. Prepare yourself for extreme fabulosity by Sunday.

Aquarius: You don't have to be overwhelmed. You don't need to be ashamed. You don't want to be involved. And yet, you don't have the control to which you've become accustomed in dealing with the matter at hand. Revamp your outputs and analyze your time use to win.

Pisces: Nobody blames you but you. Doesn't that tell you something about the whole sorry mess? Nobody expects you to do more about it than you already have. No, don't walk away. You're a different person than that. But you'll get more done when you dump the guilt.

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