March 25-31, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 25, 2010, 1:35am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: The earth is warming. The sky is opening. The world is busy becoming. What's your excuse? Nothing's running smoothly; it never does. There are unexpected obstacles; there always are. Yes, it isn't how you'd thought it would be. So, you're dissatisfied and people are not playing nicely together. But this is your real life. You won't get anywhere sitting and pouting. Pick your objective and charge. Bring your whole heart to the table: the stakes are high, but the prize is worth it.

Aries: It could be your turn, at long last. You've been patient (for you, anyway). You stood around and found other things to do. Now you have the chance to leap into action. Don't let kindly words from the more experienced deter you. Your innocence will protect you.

Taurus: There was a sound. It woke you. But you can't remember what it was. That's okay. What's important is that you're awake and ready to do something with yourself and your time. Do what the voice in your head tells you to do. Ignore common sense this time around.

Gemini: You're a contender. But you have to get over your fear of being bullied. It's not always in your best interests to slide around the conflict. Sometimes you have to face that challenge head on. And don't let anyone play the superior knowledge card. It's not true.

Cancer: Who can judge you better than yourself? Who can call you out on your flaws better than yourself? Who can make you pay for your errors in conduct more thoroughly than yourself? Careful what conclusions you draw. The mistake you make will be your own.

Leo: You're determined, no question. You're skilled, it's true. You're upright in your conduct, without a doubt. You can have everything you want, but you'll have to decide if you can let go of your advantages and take a shortcut through the moral low road to get there.

Virgo: Simplicity would be restful. Sadly, it's not a possibility at the present time. Happily, you really do multi-task well. So gird up your loins and get on with handling as many things at once as your possibly can. Call in a flakey ally--the unexpected perspective might work.

Libra: You're not as fussy as you seem. Well, not all the time. If you can't let go of your crankiness, can you turn it to your advantage? Ask a mentor to guide you through the shoals and shallows of playing the heavy. Don't be afraid to lighten up after Monday. Reboot.

Scorpio: You're not a bird. You're not a plane. You're not Superman. Hell, you're not Underdog either. Stop with the heroics. You'll live longer, better and with more to contribute if you only calm down and make a reasonable do-list. Commit after reading carefully.

Sagittarius: You've done more difficult things. But you've done them for others. This is something you want to do for yourself. This is something no one else can do for you. This is something upon which much of the future as you currently assess it may hang. Go forth!

Capricorn: You don't want excuses. You want results. You don't want delays. You want forward motion. You don't want confusion. You want organization. It's nice to want. The times are interesting, and you're living in them. Relax and accept the inevitability of it all.

Aquarius: Could you feel more uncertain and destabilized? One person's meat is another person's poison. Others will genuinely have no idea why you're in distress. Your condition is real. Your perceptions are true. Your analysis is accurate. Now go resolve the issue.

Pisces: Everything was going along swimmingly, and then you got burned by that uprising. Listen to your dreams if you want to find the best of all possible solutions. Pay attention to the trees if you want to learn how to endure. Commune with rushing water to come clean.

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