June 10-16, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on June 10, 2010, 1:50am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You broke on through and now you're in the zone. You're operating in bullet time and you're connected to the top of your bent. With your synapses cooking on all four burners, plus the grill, you're loaded for bear and ready for anything. Now what? Is there some heroic deed you were planning? Some act of invention or discovery you had in mind? Some tribulation to overcome? You could go the distance if you would only step outside yourself for one moment.

Aries: The force is with you. The time is now. The message is the medium. Be careful what you fight for, since you're likelier to win than you can possibly know. Use your inner strength as well as your visible muscles to get the most from what's coming up. Wear red for visibility.

Taurus: Don't give up because the going gets tough. Get tougher instead. You have the perseverance. You have the chops. You have the technology. And you have the sheer guts to get 'er done. So get on out there and do the best you can with what you have Sunday.

Gemini: It's easier than becoming invisible. It's easier than flying. It's easier than you'd thought, and you thought about it a whole lot. Now you've found you've over-thought the process altogether. It wouldn't be the first time changing your mind set you on the right path.

Cancer: You are where you're meant to be. You are with the necessary people. You have the requisite support. But only you can manifest your desire in the physical world to reflect the goals you hope to achieve. Get focused. Get rested. Get with the program. Now.

Leo: Don't worry about the hype. Don't get involved with public perception. You have the support of your community. You have the greater good at the forefront of your commitment to change. You have the character to follow through. Be ethical, then popular.

Virgo: From here to eternity may not be as far as most people imagine. You're too prosaic to get involved in the abstract, but you really want to understand the limits, and test them to your own satisfaction. Don't get too close, or you may end up farther out on a limb.

Libra: Certainty is for little children and religious fanatics. The rest of us make do with the best choices under the circumstances. Don't waste your energy longing for nonexistent perfections. Don't become distracted by all the bells and whistles and moving parts. Wear blue.

Scorpio: You're fired up. You're ready to go. You wonder what the next step is. Happily, more than one little bird will tell you so. Happily, you're not afraid to believe in talking birds outside of parrot cages and fairy tales. Think pure thoughts whilst committing sleazy deeds.

Sagittarius: It would be more fun for you if you thought anyone cared at all. It's unusual for you to experience invisibility. Like a sorority hottie at a leather bar, you're just not the primary object of desire this minute. Use the privacy to get your affairs in order early.

Capricorn: It's a brand new day. You have an enhanced set of choices. You're ready to take on an expanded version of the world as of now. Recruit your resources. Consult your cronies. Build your strategy and don't be afraid to go the distance. Be strong, yet subtle.

Aquarius: It wasn't you that started the whole thing. But you're the one left to sweep up and try to get the pieces put back together now that the shattering event is over and the dust has settled. You're more than capable. You only have to convince one superior.

Pisces: Define success. Shortly, you'll find yourself in the position of redefining success. This is a good thing. This could be a great thing. But you'll have to use your imagination in order to get the most from this once in a life-cycle event. The next few years matter most.

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