July 8-15, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 7, 2010, 10:18pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: In a world of subtle, parabolic arches, everything that rises must converge. This much is true. But what does it mean in mundane application? What goes up must come down, but not in exactly the same place. Things going up tend to move more closely together, whereas those coming down necessarily spread apart. Think about your personal trajectory. Are you on an upward arc, or downward recovery? What about friends? Family members? Co-workers? Lovers? Pets? Relative position matters in the great work before you.

Aries: Entropy is not your fault. You are not to blame for things falling apart and failing in their processes. But attitude is everything here. You have enormous personal power at present. Be very, very careful of what you wish for...you may get it in spades. Regroup.

Taurus: You don't need your hand held, but it would help if you were sleeping better. You don't need an extension, but you could wish the other members of your team were better organized. You aren't worried about your past catching up with you. Right?

Gemini: Will it be the devil, or the deep blue sea? Are the horns of that dilemma as entertaining as they look? What else can fit in that cleft between the rock and the hard place? You will soon know the answers to these questions and more. Choose carefully on Wednesday.

Cancer: Continuity matters. It's not your strong suit just at present, but you need to connect backward through your past and forward to your future. You'll hold the line of moderate tension in the present, and if this is done well you'll have your heart's desire.

Leo: You didn't know you'd have to rethink your ethical assumptions when you got into this. You hadn't understood the toll it might take on your relationship. You're still surprised by the number of unexpected monkey wrenches each event can hold. Breathe.

Virgo: You've been under the hammer for long enough. You've been biting the bullet, and you're tired of having a mouthful of lead. At last, you're reaching a point of closure. The undue burdens and stressful revelations will slack off to reveal a new you!

Libra: It's your skin, you have to live in it. The crossroads at which you stand offers many possibilities, and all are fraught with uncertainty. It's okay not to know in advance. It's okay not to be fully informed when choosing. It's not okay to flake out and let it all slip.

Scorpio: Your community has come through in ways you would never have predicted. Other parts of your connectivity have frayed and split and wholly come apart, on seam and off. Now is the time to see if it's worth your while to knit up the raveled sleeve of care.

Sagittarius: Peace in your time may be possible, but probably not with honor. You are called to continue to fight the good fight and to do so in good faith and without guarantees. In return, you're entitled to hold your head up and make good eye-contact at will.

Capricorn: Morphology is destiny in some books. Will you allow yours to carry you downstream to an inevitable conclusion? Or will you leap like the salmon in the opposite direction, and still fulfill the fate written in your blood? Choose with freedom in mind on Saturday.

Aquarius: You enjoy a paradox. You can work with a conundrum. You're adept at making sense of the impossible. But you don't have much of a threshold for boredom. It might be better if you just took your personal days and used them up soon!

Pisces: Is it a curse or a blessing? Can it be both at once? Can they succeed one another in the paradigm? There's so much in play and so little known about the real outcomes, as opposed to the projected potentials. You'll do the right thing on Friday night. Remember.

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