Sept. 2-9, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 1, 2010, 10:57pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You're bringing in the harvest of the current lunar cycle. Will you be eating your words? Putting up deep thoughts for the winter months to come? Laying down neighborly ties to see you through your next round of challenges? Keep an eye on what goes into your brain and what comes out of your mouth. If you can, try to think twice before you speak once. Integrity will take you farther down the road than you might believe from where you stand now. Consult with a Virgo.

Aries: You're still a contender, but the contest has moved into the modern era – and so will you if you want to stay in the game. Modernize your approach, update your look, give your ambitions a makeover. Once you've reset your clock, you'll be rarin' to go. Bring a small dog.

Taurus: Can you see around corners? All righty then, you can stop blaming yourself as of now. It's time to get back on that horse and ride for all you're worth. Though it won't be easy, the hardest parts aren't aimed at you and you'll have little trouble avoiding the worst of it.

Gemini: You can see for miles and miles, but only when you pause to focus. Slow down and take a good look at the terrain through which you're traveling. You may surprise yourself with the details you're able to take in and eventually make use of. Consult with an Aquarius.

Cancer: Are you a person or a mouse? Is it time to stand up for what you believe in, even if the prevailing winds and current thinking aren't moving in your vein? You only get one chance at each moment in your life. Make these count and you'll stand tall and proud Friday.

Leo: If only you could put your finger on the point of adversity and excise it cleanly from your life. If only there was an enemy you could reach and eradicate permanently. But there's a cloud of concern. There are pieces of the puzzle missing. And you still have to choose.

Virgo: Whatever your bias, you have the technique necessary to evaluate the system dispassionately. As those around you are busy losing their heads, you may have to step up to the plate and take the matter in hand personally. Become a force for good on Saturday.

Libra: Like a lotus blossom, there's a lot of filth supporting your floating beauty and ravishing ephemerality. Can you acknowledge what's going on beneath the surface, or would it muss your exquisite presentation? Sometimes, you have to allow the ugly out. Look again.

Scorpio: Your dreams point one way. Reality points another. In as much as you have the personal mojo to shift the world and all the physics in it, you may have to buckle down and decide if you're going to go all out on this one – or if you're just not that into it. Engage.

Sagittarius: Once upon a time you were so sure that love would conquer all. Now you're convinced that you fall into the category of ''all.'' And you're not so certain you wanted to be conquered. Is resistance futile? Will you go underground to achieve your ends? Ask first.

Capricorn: There are minor devils and major demons. Stop and do some baseline classification. Make a list, if that will help you to organize your thoughts and promote an active response. Moping won't get you anywhere but deeper in the kimchi. Call in a round of favors.

Aquarius: You're floating away on a sea of suppositions not grounded in the common perceptual field known as reality. This is okay, if you're still getting where you meant to go and enjoying the path you've chosen to tread. Otherwise, you may have to wake yourself up.

Pisces: You're the queen of all you survey, and you're not afraid to act like it. In fact, you're in an ''off with their heads'' mood just at present. Don't back away from your position if you believe yourself to be in the right. Sometimes termination is the best solution. Call early.

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