December 9-16, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on December 9, 2010, 12:14am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: The seeds of change have taken root in an unexpected sector. Suddenly, what had been taken for granted is up for grabs. You'd been counting on matters that won't bear fruit. At the same time, you'll find other gifts waiting for you where you had thought no growth could be sustained. Were you wrong all along? Does it matter if you can still succeed on your own terms, albeit in a different quarter? Keep the wind at your back and make your decision early. Rewind.

Aries: You are as you have been. But you won't stay that way for much longer. You are on the cusp of great change, like standing on the edge of a cliff strapped into a hang-glider rig. You have the capability to achieve much, let alone survive all – but attitude is everything.

Taurus: Ask not for whom the gift card arrives – it arrives for thee. You'll get something in the mail that comes late, and little. But it will show up and it will be what you wanted. You can keep on complaining, or you can get off your duff and make the most of it.

Gemini: It's too late to procrastinate any longer. You would be better served by a triage model: Figure out what you can save and work from there. You may be surprised to find a piece of your past embedded in the opportunities of the present. Will you take advantage?

Cancer: You've walked the talk, but you didn't do it with a good attitude. Does this make recent events a success or a failure? Maybe there's a middle path that allows for some of both in the living of a full and intentional life. Whom will you include now?

Leo: Wind back a few frames and look more closely. You missed something crucial, and now you need every hint and piece of hope you can locate. The answer is hidden in plain sight, in your recent past. You can get here from there. Besides patience, bring humor.

Virgo: You want what you want. You don't want what other people believe would be best for you. You don't want what you used to say you wanted. You don't want to have to explain yourself anymore. You just want to have what you want. Fair enough. Play nicely.

Libra: However much gumption and grit you bring to the table, you may not be able to out-play your opponent. However much strategy and tactical awareness you apply, you may not be able to overcome the odds. However, you may receive a nice door prize.

Scorpio: Don't sign on the dotted line. Don't admit to anything under oath. Don't, whatever you do, step out of character and start playing fair. You're at your best playing for keeps. You're at your best playing for high stakes. You're at your best when readiest to cheat.

Sagittarius: You have been to the mountaintop. You have seen the sights. You even bought a few touristy tchotchkes. Will you apply your new perspective to your daily life? Will you bring your fantastic vision to your workaday world? You could if you were brave!

Capricorn: You've been hands-off for long enough. You don't have to hold yourself back any longer. The period of probation has been completed. You have passed with flying colors and you're ready to ascend to the dizzying heights of which you hardly dared dream.

Aquarius: Seize the day. Seize the day and hold it for ransom. Make life give you what you deserve. Take what's owed to you and stop hanging around waiting for all that delayed expression of gratitude and honor. You may have to go underground to get there.

Pisces: Once you had a dream. Now you have a crack at making it real. Are you steady enough on your feet to handle the pressure? Are you sturdy enough in your self-confidence to bring your ''A'' game from now to the final measure of time? Do you really want it?

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