Thursday, Jan. 6-13

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 5, 2011, 10:30pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Here in the top-end of the year, the darkness serves as an incubator for our becoming. The severity of the weather promotes hibernation and the deep-dreaming that may set us on our paths for the year. Use this time to remember what you really want. Focus on the steps you need to have in place to make your dreams come true. Reach out to those who may be of assistance in your quest to become the best of all possible versions of you.

Aries: You're feeling some pressure from your professional community. You're reassessing your goals and values within your development. You're looking for a means of furthering your distant dreams and getting closer to wholeness. Seek out a Capricorn Sunday.

Taurus: You're the bee's knees, but it might not be enough. You're the cat's pajamas, but you don't really like the stripes. You're on the way up, but suddenly have a sense of vertigo. How can you adjust to your conditions? How will you make peace with your life?

Gemini: Walking the talk isn't as difficult as you'd imagined it might be. Standing up to be counted is a piece of cake. Sticking with the program and going the distance might be another matter. Where will you look for the support you need to get from here to there? Smile early.

Cancer: What does it feel like and when did you begin to feel it? Why didn't you say something sooner when you realized what was going down? Now the cat's out of the bag and you're on the hook for something you don't want and can't afford. Take advice from a Libra.

Leo: Destiny and debility cross paths before you. It's a confusing time. You're less than you might be, but you're reaching so far outside your comfort zone you may well be more than you've ever been. Cut yourself some slack and get to bed early on Sunday night.

Virgo: Look around you. You have what it takes to own the field, let alone play on it. Heck, you could invent the game and own all subsidiary rights if you were clever and kept your eye on the ball. This is the zone. Work it. Play it. Make life roll over on command. Go on time.

Libra: You're in a quandary and you're not afraid to express it. You're between the horns of a dilemma, and you're not even sure you want a different seat. You're facing some interesting choices within the context of the interesting times in which we live. Phone home.

Scorpio: You can git 'er done, but you'll have to clear the decks and batten down the hatches and work like you're trying to round the horn intact during hurricane season. That said, you're the one for the job and you've got the will in place. Make it happen soonest.

Sagittarius: Look past the obvious. The medium is the message, and that's a given in this milieu. You'll want to do some detective work if you're going to wrap your head around the larger picture in time to take advantage of a surprise or two you'll find there. Speak with Aries.

Capricorn: It's a rough row to hoe, but you have the calluses and the muscles. It's an uphill climb, but you own the gear and know the moves. It's a doozy, but you took that doozy management course and you have the skills in place. So get on with making it all happen!

Aquarius: You weren't joking. You weren't confused. You weren't misled. Now we've cleared all those obfuscations out of the way, it's time to get back down to brass tacks and reassess the matter as it currently stands. You're the point person for infrastructure now.

Pisces: It's time to rethink your hands-off position. It's time for you to feel out how you want to become involved. It's time to take time to become more expressive, more capable and more reliable in your follow through. With all that, you'll be on solid footing.

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