January 20-26, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 19, 2011, 9:58pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's not so much the trouble in paradise as that there are flaws in the perfection of stasis. It might be tempting to think everything would be all right if everything were soft, comfortable and controllable, but that's not the case. Human nature thrives on adversity, challenge and falling short of stated goals. Use this time to strengthen your inner spine, cherish your ability to adapt and abandon unnecessary fear. Sink into your own wisdom to find the beacon that leads you home.

Aries: It's not the meat, it's the motion that is making you queasy. Can you still your inner ear enough to re-equilibrate? Can you find your center and hang onto it long enough to see past your emotional nausea? Can you reach out to a friend in worse shape than yours?

Taurus: Look past the obvious. Look past the past. Look past what you've come to expect and try to see the potential stewing and swirling around you. You may not expect the answers you get when you listen to the still, small voice within, but they're probably right for now.

Gemini: You could have been a contender, and you're still in the running. You'll need to marshal your forces and recruit your agility and enlist your strategic frontal lobes to get from here to there, but it's by no means an impossibility. You might wear prints for better focus.

Cancer: You could lose yourself in the cotton-wool batting you've wrapped around yourself so that you're protected from the fallout of your own conduct. What purpose does hiding from the consequences serve? Take your outcomes with dignity and philosophy Sunday.

Leo: You're sinking. Your relative density decrees that first you go down in order to achieve your maximum selfhood. Don't try to jettison the baggage that has made you what you are and brought you to this point. Instead, sort through it carefully and rearrange your soul.

Virgo: New beginnings are best made in the company of community. New endeavors go more smoothly when you have broad buy-in. Old business converts into new prosperity if you can learn to cherish your mistakes and learn from the lessons of your own hubris. Rejoice.

Libra: You went there, and now you're not certain how to get back. You crossed the line, only to find it had become a chasm when you turned around. You jumped in at the deep end without checking your flotation device. But all is not lost. You're stronger than you know.

Scorpio: Reap as you have sown, but don't get into a panic. Those tares will make a terrific healing tea to sooth your irritations and bring your soma into accord with itself. The sting up front will be bad, but the closing of old wounds will cause you nothing but joy.

Sagittarius: You can trust those around you to be honest with you. You can trust the times to lead you to new understanding of your strengths – and your weaknesses. You can trust your environment to provide you with challenges beyond even your wildest imaginings.

Capricorn: Sing it from the mountaintops up which you've been climbing. Share it with everyone, near and far. Take it into your person at the most profound level. Radical change begins at home, and you are there with a big red arrow. Wear alpaca for warmth, success.

Aquarius: Are you or aren't you? Your followers want to know the truth, as do you yourself. Unlike the lilies of the field, you're toiling and spinning for all you're worth – but what you think is that you're running out of juice faster than you're building life equity. Reboot.

Pisces: You've counted on gravity for a long time. You might yet float away on a wash of unreality, but you'll have tried your darnedest to hold on. You might find you have better anchors at your disposal, if you would but focus. There's still time – and cute shoes – ahead.

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