March 17-23, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 16, 2011, 9:19pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Is your dogma driving your karma, begorrah? Are you in a state of philosophical confusion compounded by a compulsion to git 'er done, without any clear idea of what you're doing or why? Not only are you not alone, we're all in it together. So pull your socks up, wipe your nose and take a deep breath. You'll want to focus before you act, as you'll be more productive under that paradigm than the randomly motivated one with which you've been involved. Don't be bullied! Or tacky!

Aries: You're all fired up, but you don't really have any outlet for the supercharge racing through your nerve endings and compounding your state of distraction. Now more than ever, consider taking time to meditate. You'll also do better putting off purchasing for a month.

Taurus: Look! Up in the air! It's all those impractical solutions everyone's been floating around lately! You may have to step up and embrace the role of the underdog to bring reality back to the forefront of the local collective consciousness. Be practical. Start early.

Gemini: You love all the noise and rushing about. You could roll in the many forms stimulation takes in these chaotic times. But you'd contribute more on behalf of others, and complete more on your own dime, if you shut down some of the extraneous inputs. Call early.

Cancer: You're alive to the big picture, no question. But you've got a lot on your plate at present, and you're in no position to over-commit more than you already have. Will you drop some of your personal stuff? Does any of it back-burner convincingly? Answer before Monday.

Leo: Why is everybody looking at you? You didn't start it. It wasn't your fault. You may even have spoken out against it. All the same, you have those natural leadership qualities; people need someone to take charge and lead the way. Don't wait until the last minute.

Virgo: Neither man nor mouse has the power to keep you from your chosen path. You yourself are the likeliest obstacle just this second. Can you slice through your self-tied Gordian knot to get to the heart of the matter? Do shortcuts usually work for you? Be honest Friday.

Libra: You've walked the talk until there are holes in your shoes. You've set good examples and places at the table for all and sundry. You've come clean until you squeaked when rubbed. Yet you still don't have the support, answers or commitments you require. Breathe.

Scorpio: Your motto might read, ''I can if I want to.'' While it might sound a little juvenile to some, it suits you to a tee. You're dedicated to the concept of achieving success anywhere you choose to point your determined little soul. So go ahead, make the miracle again!

Sagittarius: You're not kidding. You're bringing the truth in all her unvarnished beauty. You're also making it harder for others to go on pretending through your persistent application of honesty wrapped in candor. Don't soften your approach – make it firmer soon.

Capricorn: Icons are made, not born (in most instances). Would you be up to the task of re-engineering your own image to make it larger, shinier and ineluctably desirable? You have the skills. You have the focus. Do you have the confidence to rebrand at this stage in the game?

Aquarius: You're no dummy. You've seen the handwriting on the wall. You're alive to the implications of the new direction the process is taking. You're no longer in the catbird seat. But you have secret weapons at your disposal, and help from Santa's elves. Use it wisely!

Pisces: Look. Look again. Look more closely. Now what did you learn from this exercise? Would it pay off to pay closer attention? Would it be worth your while to spend 10 minutes a day honing your ability to be fully present? Practice this skill at unlikely hours, strange places.

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