April 21-27, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on April 21, 2011, 1:32am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You could just put your head down and your nose to the grindstone. You could follow orders until they stopped coming. You could let the strategy slide past you as you proceed in a straight line. Or you could bring discipline and ethical considerations into play. If you choose to take an active role in your own doings, you'll find the payoff – though delayed – is worth the additional effort. Achieve respect from your frenemies and amaze your family. Represent to the top of your bent.

Aries: The time of ''look but don't touch'' is over. If you're not hands-on, you're not doing your best or even aiming high enough. This shilly-shallying does not become you. Strap on your armor and stand at the front of the pack. Tuesday brings necessary information. Listen.

Taurus: You're on the right path, but are you proceeding at the best pace for your ends? You're in the correct mode, but have you got the best attitude to see you through to your ambitions? You're in good-enough health, but have you taken the steps to ensure its continuation?

Gemini: Is it more support you need? Is it clearer lines of communication? Is it the freedom to act without having to check in, back or over with every last person? You still need to dot each ''i'' and cross each ''t,'' but you could have the clearance you want – for the asking!

Cancer: Wandering in a twilight of uncertainty has been the hallmark of your existence for some time. Should you change partners? Should you change location? Should you change your assumptions? Something in you has grown out of where you were when you started.

Leo: You're on the brink of something big. Can you convince your neighbors to join you in making the ideal come real? Can you bring the big picture home to the level of individual participation? Can you incite overriding enthusiasm in those most concerned? Do try.

Virgo: You're so good with the details of others. How is it that your own interior closet has gotten into such a state? To whom should you turn when you need some sorting out of your own? Leave your trust issues at the door, since it's time to get serious and accomplish.

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Libra: Nobody would think of blaming you, but might you have been more attentive a little sooner? No one would ask you to take full responsibility, but it might be an act of brazen leadership to step up to the plate without waiting on consensus. Shop before Sunday.

Scorpio: You're not joking. You're as serious as you can stand. How will you convince others of what you ''know'' without having the facts in hand? How will you develop your action plan without having the troops ready to rally? Use your phone tree to get further.

Sagittarius: It was never going to have been easy. It was never going to have been a walkover. And you were never going to have been satisfied without the challenge of a lifetime staring you down. Now you've gotten what you wanted, pull out the stops. Make your magic.

Capricorn: Simpler times allowed for simpler solutions. Those times are not now. Use your gift for strategy to make a long-term plan. Use your gift for listening to allow others to bring useful tactics into play. Use your gift for seeing underlying structure to get to the bottom.

Aquarius: You, you, you. Sometimes it is all about you. This might be one of those times. If you don't feel like there's much room in your life for you, then you need to clear out some of the deadfall and winterkill to make space for what you really want, and do it soon.

Pisces: Walking the talk would be more easily done if there weren't so many pointless obstacles lining your path. Can you let go of the voices of doom clouding your perceptions of the possible? Can you release your fears to make room for your dreams? Yes, you can!

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