July 28-August 3, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 28, 2011, 1:33am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You're all alone in the dark; what do you do? Do you shout for attention? Do you grope around to familiarize yourself with your environment and develop an exit strategy? Do you try to reason your way through the darkness? Do you sit quietly and enjoy the solitude? Any of these – and combinations of these – are all good answers. So don't despair. Don't feel like you're out of choices. Don't let go of hope and don't give up on helping equally lost others find theirs.

Aries: You could be like all the newly enlightened. You could be the flame blown out. What would this mean in daily life? Would you become invisible? Would you become static from stillness? Would you be uninspired in all that eternal calm? Are these just ego fears? Reflect.

Taurus: You've been trying to banish certain elements of your early history from the psychological tidal pool of mental health in which you choose to wade. Is your rigorous exclusion worth the effort? Could you do better by including, integrating and accepting these traits?

Gemini: You're dancing with your inner sibling. Maybe you already are your inner sibling. Could you also open your ears in a spate of active imagination to find out what it is your imaginary sibling might have to share with you? Wear patterns for effective camouflage.

Cancer: Simplicity and austerity have their places and times in every life. This is not one of those in yours. Find what you can adapt to celebration and get on with rejoicing. Release your burdens and accept the possibility of success and satisfaction. Call early Monday.

Leo: Is your life consuming you whole like an ouroborotic snake gone out of control? Can you overcome the counter-productive urge to panic?? You might find your meta-auto-cannibalism solves (X + 1) more problems than it creates. Where X = problems. Think.

Virgo: You're sleeping heavily, but you're not well rested when you awaken. You're troubled by convoluted, over-heated dreams and they all end so finally that you can't bring yourself to remember them. You're ready to open your third eye and see a bit more.

Libra: Tempis is a fugit-ing along at quite an astounding rate. You're hanging on for all you're worth, but the death grip is getting in the way of your having any control over direction or velocity. Take a few deep breaths and try to root yourself through your feet.

Scorpio: Once upon a time is not now. You would do well to become re-grounded in the present and to accept its strictures as real and binding. Once you've gotten that out of the way, you can charge full-steam ahead in whatever direction seems best to you.

Sagittarius: Are you ready to change your inner status? Are you ready to make a new contract with yourself? Are you ready to centaur-up and become that which you have always been destined to be? Commit to being more active on your own behalf before Sunday.

Capricorn: It's a confusing world, and you're feeling drained and sore by all the effort you've put forth. This is made worse by how little recognition you receive for your undertakings and accomplishments. Or is it? Shift your perspective to find yourself bathed in admiration.

Aquarius: You've been made a scapegoat before, and with better justification than now. So what do you think you're going to do about it? Where does reason say you should go to get with a measure of justice? Can you take the road less travelled on this one? Ask twice.

Pisces: It must be that the landscape is holding still and you're moving through it, and that's why everything keeps changing whenever you look around and then back — right? Or have you lost your focus? Either way, it's not easy to keep your mental eye on the reality ball.

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