December 8-14, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on December 7, 2011, 11:47pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Are you on a tightrope or in free fall? Is this a rerun or an original version of your life? Could anyone find their way through the maze you've built for yourself? Your heart of glass is refracting a fun house full of angles and distortions on the emotional front, but you've still got more energy than you're used to and a more proactive view of the future than you can remember having ever had. Balance your desire for progress with respect for self-maintenance priorities.

Aries: You've seen the light at the end of the tunnel and are tempted to turn around and start making hand-shadows. You're more whimsically motivated than usual, though you're still devoted to bringing your fantasy into functional reality. You can't go wrong with grey.

Taurus: You don't have to look over your shoulder anymore. You're finally ready to disentangle the little snarl that has been tying unexpectedly large chunks of your life in knots. You have a clarity of purpose and a fresh determination to set the truth into record.

Gemini: If it weren't for the wild wobble of your luck lately, you might be further along. But you would also have missed out on a number of opportunities that only travel by crooked and backtracking paths. You're moving with a newfound grace toward a profound change.

Cancer: Looking around, you find you're the only one wearing a mask at the party. Nope, that's just the dream. But you've been toying with getting a whole new you for a while, and you've been learning all you can to make yourself over in your own true image.

Leo: Spinning toward the dark of the year like a ballet dancer in his prime, you find you love the shifting view even as you deplore the necessity of instability. It's a conundrum, like real life usually is. You won't have to be in so much motion for much longer. Hold on.

Virgo: What you believe in and what you do have everything to do with your choice of where and how you work. Now more than ever, you want to evaluate how to link your paycheck to building the community you would most like to enjoy as your own. Refine.

Libra: Like a virgin? Some things are surprisingly new in this upcoming cycle. There's the clumsiness of beginner's enthusiasm, but there's also the curiosity of the newbie. You've got both, and you need someone against whom you can bounce your ideas for soundness.

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Scorpio: It's a new and different way to manage your conduct. It's a demand to see reality served with utter wholeheartedness. It's a call to bring what lurked in the depths up into the light to be purified and made useful. Don't forget to work in holiday shopping — on budget.

Sagittarius: Peace in your time? Peace with honor? Watch it. You really aren't buying anything you want with that currency. Appeasement never works. You need to renegotiate and reframe your objectives if you're really open to getting what you want without conceding.

Capricorn: You're warm with the joy of a chance to give fully and freely. You're ready to put your resources where your heart is. You're lit with the drive to make your life into the place you want to live for the rest of your life. Experiment with taupe and celadon.

Aquarius: Sing as you go, under your breath. Sing out loud whenever you're alone. Sing to stir up the limbic juices. So much the better if you can add some dance moves to the singing. Build your immune system using these techniques as your personal yoga.

Pisces: You didn't walk on water; you skated on thin ice. You didn't look where you were leaping, though you landed on your feet. You didn't handle the flow of time well, but you can still go the distance. So pick yourself up and get going. Wear silver for serenity.

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